About Me

I used to live my life
exactly by the book…

I graduated from college, got married and within two years had my first two children.

It was a beautiful but difficult time.  I had all sorts of dreams of having a successful career but I fell hard for my children.  I couldn’t imagine being away from them so I left the beginnings of a career and invested fulltime in motherhood.

From the outside looking in one could say I had it all.

  • A successful husband

  • A beautiful home with an SUV parked in the driveway

  • 4 Bright, well behaved children

  • A membership to the local country club

  • All the boxes were checked except one.

    I was miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my family.  I was grateful for every moment I had with my children.  I loved being their confidant and the house where all of their friends felt comfortable and welcome.  

There was just another part of me that had desires, goals and dreams that never saw the light of day.  I wanted to uncover my purpose and I wanted it to be more than just being a good mom. But every time I started to take action towards something else my mom guilt and my self doubt always got the best of me.

I felt stuck and oh so guilty for wanting more for myself.  

As luck would have it, a few years ago, I found life coaching and gradually my life started to change.   I learned how to manage the mom guilt.  I learned how to control my thinking and my emotional life.  I learned that my ideas, my dreams and goals mattered and it was my job to go after them. 

No more living by the proverbial book, I’m writing my own. 

Now I am a Certified Life, Health and Weight loss Coach. Yeah, I cover all the bases.

I’ve studied with Martha Beck, Brooke Castillo and the leaders at The Institute of International Nutrition.  I’ve soaked up the teachings of Joe Dispenza, Steven Pressfield, Daniel Pink and many more.

I’ve created a system that has helped me overcome my self doubt, manage my emotions, change my thinking and start achieving goals like crazy, I call it VERGE and it’s ridiculously effective. 

Your life, your future is yours to create and I can show you how.

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Coaching Credits:

  • Life Coach Training and Certification from Martha Beck

  • Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Trained with Master Coach Brooke Castillo for Weight Loss Coaching