What to Do If You Don't Love Your Job

How to Love Your Job Again..png

Maybe you took the first position you were offered so you could pay your bills and now it feels suffocating. Maybe you took a job to bide time while you searched for a full time job at something you love and yesterday you looked up and discovered it’s been 7 years. Maybe you thought you had chosen the right position, the career you were meant to pursue and then all of a sudden you think you chose wrong. Maybe you're an entrepreneur and it’s getting hard and you’re thinking “Ugh maybe I was crazy to think this would work.” But the show must go on.

Should you quit?

Should you look for another career and start over?

Should you self medicate with Netflix and Dry Martini’s?

Maybe. Maybe not.

These are options, sure, but the right one for you…I don’t know, but I can say with 100% confidence that you know, the answer is waiting to be uncovered. But, while you figure it out, there are a few strategies you could try first before you do anything hasty, before you burn any bridges, before you walk out the proverbial door.


Change the Scenery:

When clients come to me hating their job, the first thing I do is work with them to make changes where they are and make it as comfortable, as perfect, as possible. ( I see you rolling your eyes but, hear me out.)

Let’s start with your office or cubicle.

What can you do to it that will make it more fun, organized, pleasing to the eye?

Do you like to be outside in nature and you feel trapped inside all day long? Let’s bring in some plants to green up the space.

Do you hunger for beauty in a generic space? How about bringing in some art work or some framed photos of friends and family. A vase of fresh flowers perhaps?

Feeling squelched in a less than creative environment? Bring in a framed bulletin board and create an inspiration board for a project you want to work on or that new career you’re considering…no one needs to know the topic.

Work to make it feel right again, cause at some point it’s what you wanted, right?

Make some Adjustments:

Make a list of everything you don’t like about the job you currently have. (this list can also be helpful if you decide a new start is the right thing for you. You don't want to repeat this!) Brainstorm what needs to happen to make each thing better for you. Such as, If going to the office everyday is on your list how about you ask to work remotely a couple of days a week. Change something as simple as where you go to lunch and or who you go to lunch with.

Create a Fan Book:

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of who we are. Create a book full of things that make you remember who you are,include cards and letters where people have thanked you for being you and told you what that means. Blog comments, FB Posts where someone has left you the perfect compliment and it feels amazing. Put all of those things together into a book, file or a computer document. Bring it out and read it when you need to be reminded exactly how special you really are. I keep my fan book in my purse, on the cover is the Union Jack. It makes me smile just looking at it.

Move at Work:

Set up a yoga class or put together a walking group a couple times a week at your workplace. Bonding with your fellow employees over a sun salutation may lift your spirits!

Be the Best at what you do:

Be the best employee your company has ever had. That’s right! No matter how much you think you hate your job, do your best to be the best damn janitor, sales assistant, garbage man, secretary, data entry person. Be indispensable, it feels so good.

Start a Side Hustle:

Before you make a move you might regret, how about starting a side business? What do you love to do? Start jotting down ideas at lunch and after work. Instead of chilling on the couch start taking those ideas and creating a plan for your new business. Side Hustles, can take a lot of time or a little time. But the action may be just what you need. Chris Guillebeau's book "Side Hustle:From Idea to Income in 27 Days" is a great resource.

Focus on the Good:

Make a list of everything you like about your job. How can you enhance it? Do you love a certain aspect of your job? How about asking to do more of it? Focus on the bright spots, gratitude is good for the soul, it rewires the brain, you will feel better.

You may not be loving your work right now but, be kind to yourself, be patient. Make adjustments. Just don’t jump overboard to soon, hang in there.. you may just fall in love again. xo