It's Not Over Yet!

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Are your 2018 resolutions going to look different than your list from 2017?

I used to feel guilty about the holdover resolutions/goals I had on my list from year to year.  You know, the get leaner and lose 10 pounds, get organized, save money, achieve world dominance in whiffle ball and  obtain the world record in pancake stacking... Yeah...those goals.

 But, I made a vow to myself that my 2018 resolutions were going to look nothing like this years.  I’m knocking goals off my list left and right this last quarter of 2017 and you can too!

That goal to get leaner, I have figured out my own way of eating and I've said sayanora to 10 pounds (bye bye weight loss goal!)   If getting healthier and fitter is on your 2017 list; I give you a taste of how to create your own lifestyle plan in my program, "Not Your Sister's Diet!"  I have personally also conquered a couple of business goals that have been lingering for awhile.  Winning on so many levels and it's not over yet!

How about you?  

There is still time left in 2017 to make it everything you wanted it to be.

So, are you accomplishing your list or are you a little frustrated as to why you haven’t crossed off all those delicious goals?

Wanna slay 2017?  

If yes, do this, take each goal you said you wanted and  ask yourself this little question...

Do I still want ______________?

If yes then ask:  Why do I want this goal?

How do I think I"ll feel when I achieve this goal?  

When I think about this goal what is the first thought that pops in my head?

Is it a negative, self limiting thought or is it a positive thought?

The reason we do or don’t do anything is based on a thought.  Uncover the thought that is stopping you.  Do what work needs to be done on it and then go after whatever it is you really want.   

"Will that negative thinking go away right away?" you ask.

"No, probably not.  But, are you going to let a thought stop you?"

There is one goal in particular that I'm going after that  I'm particularly excited about!  I have no resistance around it and  the thought of the end result brings me so much joy I can hardly stand it!  

You see , last year at Christmas, my daughter Aly was making Christmas crafts with children at the WRP Food Pantry.  She was busy crafting with a group of children when they began talking about what gift they wanted Santa Claus to bring them.  Aly noticed that one little boy hadn't said anything so she asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him and the little boy answered...

"Santa doesn't come for me."  



When she came home and told me this story my heart broke.  My mind couldn’t wrap my arms around that statement.  It struck me to the core and I vowed last year that this year I would work on bringing gifts to as many children as possible in 2017.  Hence why I am launching “The Mirth Project”. 

Over this past year I have talked to several people about the project and I have decided the focus should be on teens ages 13 to 18.   There are several groups that organize gifts for small children but, as you know, if you have teenagers yourself or know someone who does, they are still children, and would benefit from knowing that someone out there cares about them.

The children this year will be identified by the Worthington Resource Pantry.  The pantry serves families who live in parts of Columbus, part of Dublin, all of Worthington and Powell. 

If you would like to be an honorary elf and be a part of reminding the older children in our communtites that someone out their cares for them,  join me by emailing me or joining my facebook group “The Mirth Project”.   

I will be posting the children's wish lists on "The Mirth Project's" group page.  As a member of the page you can comment that you would like to fulfill that child's wishes.  If you don't have a Facebook page that's fine too, I can send you a child's list by email.

There is a $125.00 maximum for each child.  You choose items to purchase from the child's posted wish list which will include the child’s age, sizes, wishes, needs  and favorite stores and restaurants and whether the gifts should be wrapped or left unwrapped. The gifts need to be delivered to my home before December 15th in a bag marked with the child's name.  Other particulars will be given when you join the group by email or Facebook

There are other ways you can get involved as well, if an entire wish list seems to much, you can be a part of the project by donating a $10 or $20 gift card to Chipotle, Starbucks, American Eagle, H&M etc... any store or restaurant that teens would use.  The gift cards will be used to supplement the wish lists.  

You could also organize a group donation of gift cards at your work.  I have a display idea I will be presenting on the FB page and I am happy to bring you supplies for this.  

It's time to get moving on what you really want.  Let's make 2017 the year everything changes for you and me.