Read This the Next Time You Feel Like Everyone is Already Doing Your Thing!

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Recently, I received this email from a person who follows me on instagram:

Good Evening Robin.

I have a question I hope you will answer. With so many people in the world doing the same career as you, how did you still make the choice to do this? Didn't you feel you would get lost in the shuffle?

Sincerely, D

Now, I’m not gonna lie, there was time in the not so distant past that this kind of thinking would freeze me in my tracks on the regular.  The thought would cross my mind on the daily that  I was never going to succeed at this life coaching gig. 

Like, Never.

I'd have thoughts like:

Who do I think I am?

Why should I succeed?

I'm not that special.

I'm not as good as so and so over there.

My lovelies...Have you ever had any of these thoughts about your chosen gig?

I'm going to share with you what I told "D" and I hope you bookmark this post and  read this the next time you feel like everyone is already doing your thing.

The truth is,  there are thousands of doctors, lawyers, dog walkers, personal chefs, yoga instructors and yes, it appears there are now thousands of life coaches in the world.  And, I believe this awareness is in a big part (like 99%) courtesy of social media. Yes, good old social media; a blessing and a curse.

  But, you know what... I know the secret.

Darling, it's simple...there is only one me and there is only one YOU.   

YOU bring something special to your chosen gig that only you can bring.  

YOU bring your style, the secret sauce that no one else can.

When the imposter thoughts cross the avenues of your mind ( I promise these thoughts happen to Beyonce and Oprah occasionally too!)  first, I want you to make a list of all of your negative thoughts and do the work on them.  

Second step is to make another list.

 Yes, darling, another list.

This is a list of all the characteristics that make you the perfect Chocolatier, Reiki Master or Cat Masseuse there is,and why you love your gig.

I'll give you an example, for me, a life coach is a perfect fit.  I'm naturally a positive, optimistic person.   People have always told me their stories. I love to see people happy and inspired. One of my super powers is that I am highly intuitive which helps with finding the truth.  I'm super organized  and a natural born leader.  I love, love, love  to plan events.  I get to use my creativity to create tools and experiences to help my clients figure out what they want and why they want it.  Boom.  

It's a perfect fit.

Now, you.  First, do the thought work and then make your list.

When you feel like an imposter or you feel like there is no way you too could be a successful business coach, life style blogger, accountant, TV Chef, canine stylist whatever it is...Remember this...there are enough clients,entrepreneurs & dogs  who need your expertise and inspiration!   

There is enough of everything for all of us to succeed but we have to give it enough time, energy, attention and some good old fashioned elbow grease.  

Improve your craft daily.  

Don't deprive the world of you and your gifts!

This is what I told "D" and now I've shared with you.

You are the secret to your success.  xo