What Will Your New Year's Resolutions Look Like Next Year?


Have you ever seen the movie “Defending Your Life”?

You know, the one with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep?

It’s a love story between two people who have recently died. In the movie they are waiting in a purgatory of sorts where their lives are judged on if they overcame their fears in this life time and if they did their best given their opportunities.

Each of the characters were judged based on a movie that was edited together from moments in their life.  Moments where they were faced with life changing decisions, did they look fear in the eye or did they play it safe?  Did they follow their dreams or settle for less?

Meryl’s character sailed through the process having lived a life of courage and generosity.  Albert Brooks’s  character did not fair as well. He was about to be sent back to do it all over again when he escaped from his tram headed back to earth to be with Meryl’s character who was on another tram moving forward to a new phase of existence.  When the judges saw his act of courage to get the girl (cameras are everywhere in purgatory)  he was then allowed to move forward with Meryl.   

I always love a happy ending.

It’s a great movie, and it got me thinking about what I think are the defining moments in my life  so far and  what clips they would show in a movie of my life. 

Would I make it past the purgatory in the movie? Or would I be sent back to earth to conquer my fears and live more courageously and generously?

Up until a few years ago I think I would have ended up back on earth to do it again.

I was living  kinda  small.

But, not anymore.

Now....I start projects before I know exactly how to do them.  

I'm taking consistent action towards my dreams. (I've got goals and plans...big plans!!!)

I’m not worried about what other people think of my choices.

Now, I care for myself first, (as they say you’ve gotta put your own oxygen mask on before you help others)  and I do it without worry of what people will think. 

I  look sad situations in the eye unflinching and I try to do something about them.

I don’t take no for answer.

 I listen daily to that still small voice inside of me, it knows the way.

If there is a judgment plane between this life and the heavenly gates (and I kinda hope there is cause in the movie the food in the restaurants was delicious and calorie free!)  I now think I’d be a shoe in to go on to that next phase of exsisitence.

How about you?

Are you moving forward with your big goals and dreams?

Have you asked the questions that need to be asked?

Have you said the things  which need to be said?

Don’t live your life by default.    Live your life by design.

Wanna learn how to create big shifts, live with intention and be consistent in the action you take?

 Plan to join me in 2018 for a dinner, retreat or special pop up event.  Details coming very, very soon. I will show you how to have a year (and beyond) where you don’t give up.

My 2018 resolutions are going to look nothing like 2017's  cause I actually did what I set out to do and I can show you how to do that too!

No more being stuck .

No more giving up. 

Not this time. 

Not next year.  xo