Spread Some Fruit Roll Love!

Spread SomeFruit Roll Love.png

When I was a little girl, my classmates and I would periodically do a “Fruit Roll” for our teacher. 

Did you ever do one of those? 

It was always so much fun!

For days we would pass notes and whisper soft across the aisles about our plans so that everyone would know to bring a piece of fruit for our beloved teacher.

On the specified day, at the given time, we would roll our fruit down the aisles at our teacher as she was talking in the front of the classroom.  As a teacher, a fruit roll was a pretty high honor, it meant your students really, really liked you.  Of course, you would have the class clown who would attempt to roll a banana and end up throwing it up to the front of the classroom like a rocket...... 

Yeah…good times.

It felt so good as a kid to do this special thing for our teacher.

Guess What? 

It’s time for a Fruit Roll!

Ok, maybe not literally but, let’s all spread a little fruit roll energy this week.  Let's counter the sad and scary things going on in the world with some love and show someone how truly special they are. 

Let’s each choose one person in our life that doesn’t get enough recognition. 

One person who deserves some appreciation, kudo’s, love & affection.

Who shall it be and what shall you do?

Here are some ideas......

Take them out for a meal.

Write them a letter telling them how special they truly are.

Throw them a party with your nearest and dearest.

Make them dinner.

Fill their office or cubicle with balloons.

Take them their favorite coffee at work.

Take her to get a mani/pedi.

Send some gourmet ice cream through the mail. 

Flowers are always a good idea

Send a pizza to your friend’s office.  Lunch handled.

Create a spotify playlist in honor of your friend.

Give them the gift of a night off  (babysit, dog sit, do their dishes etc..)

Use your smartphone or Vocaroo to record a message about how they inspire you and why you appreciate them so much and send it to them.

Let's all spread some extra love this week.  xo


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