10 Tips to Keep You on Track and Be the "It" Girl This Holiday Season!

10 Tips to Keep You On Track With Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season.png


It’s time to celebrate! 

Indulging in fabulous food is part of what the holidays are about.   However, if you are on a fitness journey you can still make progress if you follow some simple ideas.  You definitely don’t want to be a Debbie Downer constantly complaining about your weight and regaling other party goers with the detailed list of everything you’ve eaten during the season.  Seriously, don’t do it!  Don’t be that girl!  Manage your merry and be the “It” girl on every invitation list!  Below are 10 tips to keep you on track!

1.   Get a workout in before any event where there will be food and schedule a workout for the next day.  So many people put their health on hold during the holidays.  Be smart: be even more disciplined about getting your workouts in during the month of December…. your January self will thank you for it.

2.   Develop a mindset of eating really good quality food like the best quality pumpkin pie or your grandma’s famous Christmas cookies.  Don’t eat lower quality  store bought foods; you deserve so much better than that…you really do. This is a great concept to adopt the rest of the year as well.  My motto is if I can get it better somewhere else, I don’t eat it.

3.   Before going out to any holiday party or event think about how you want to be remembered: 

“People don’t remember what we say or what we do but they will never forget how you made them feel. “ Maya Angelou

Consider if the event will be attended by people you know or if there will be  an opportunity to make new friends.  Being an engaged listener and a witty guest will take your mind off the food.  It’s a good idea to skim the headlines of your favorite newspaper or online news site before going out.  You will appear informed and can contribute to any conversation about current events, etc.

4.   Choose a party dress that makes you feel amazing when you wear it! Think Audrey Hepburn in her LBD in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Jessica Alba in most anything.   If it’s a bit form fitting, all the better! It will help remind you not to over do it.  Besides, all eyes will be on you, so who has time to eat!

5.   Use small plates when possible, especially at an event serving only heavy hors d’oeuvres.  Small nibbles are often very high in calories.

6.   Eat a small protein packed snack before you go out for the evening.  Some ideas are 6oz of 2% Greek Yogurt with a piece of fruit, 2 slices of cheese with celery, or 2 slices of organic sandwich turkey with 2 slices of cheese.

7.   Cut back on calories by choosing lower calorie drinks.   Choose prosecco or a vodka and lite cranberry juice mixed drink.  Make every other drink in your hand a glass of water.   This technique will keep you full and cut down on the dehydrating aspects of alcohol tomorrow.

8.    Eat this, not that!  Try to fill up your plate with crudités, when you aren’t   entertaining a group of newfound admirers.  Other foods to choose to eat are a handful of mixed nuts or small bite appetizers over calorie-laden dips.  Say "yes" to the salsa,  stay clear of creamy dips.  Save even more calories by scooping up the salsa with veggies instead of tortilla chips.  Cocktail shrimp, stuffed mushrooms and hard cheese are great choices to make when faced with fried shrimp, cocktail meatballs and brie in phyllo dough.

9.    Hang out in the room where the food isn’t set up.  If the party is in one big room hang out on the opposite side with your back to the buffet.

10. Swap the same old same old for some seasonal eats.  You know what chips and dip and coconut crusted shrimp tastes like, right?  So don’t blow your calorie budget on foods you can get anywhere!   If you can get it the rest of the year pass over it.  Choose things like your Grandma’s special chestnut stuffing or your BF’s famous fudge.

Make this holiday season the merriest and healthiest yet!

Merry Everything!