Make 2018 The Year You Don't Give Up!

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I was part of many memorable moments in 2017.  

So many moments I felt profound love, gratitude and pride.  Like the moment I...

Watched my older son, Tanner, walk across the stage to receive his white coat.

Received the call my son, Scout, had been voted by teachers and peers as student of the year for a second time.

Heard the ping of the first Mirth Project wishlist being adopted on Facebook.

So many beautiful moments.

However, perhaps the most important moment for me happened mid summer, in my backyard, around my fire pit.  It wasn’t a happy moment.....I was angry, really angry.   Why isn’t as important as what happened next.  

As I expressed my anger over text to a dear friend, their only response was "Use the anger to create what you want." I didn't know it then but, it was the moment everything changed.  

You see....

I've always been really good at coaching others to achieve their goals, guiding, assisting (I think my clients would agree) but, I honestly wasn't always paying attention to my own goals until that moment in my backyard.

For 10 years my New Years resolutions included some form of "lose 10 pounds" to "become healthier and fitter".  I got stronger, yes, and I'm proud to say I'm in great health  but, I never lost any weight.

But, around my fire pit, I had a profound shift.  I used my own advice in my program “Not Your Sister’s Diet”, found the food and the info I needed to achieve my weight loss goals.  I lost the weight.  Bye-bye 18 pounds. I am lighter, fitter and stronger than I've ever been.

I kept a promise I made to myself in 2016 and started- The Mirth Project. I matched the Christmas wish lists of 140 at risk teens with donors.  Because of this project I had the most amazing Christmas season ever.

I created a cookbook with my dear Aunt so she could give this very special gift to to her children for Christmas. Printed and bound in a hard and soft back. Project of Love.

I further developed one of my core coaching programs, "Create Your Merry" and delivered perhaps the best presentation I've ever given to a group of event planners.  

I am so excited for this new year.   It will be a year of more change, more moments, using my power and doing every damn thing I want to do.  I will not give up on myself ever again.  I will happen in 2018.

Want to make 2018 the year you don't give up?  Plan to come to a Kindling dinner, a retreat with me (details coming soon)  or sign up for one to one coaching.

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