Dropping Like Flies

Hold Hands.Stick Together..png

I logged onto my computer on  Wednesday morning to see the news that Matt Lauer had been fired from his Today Show position.



I felt an odd sadness, not that I’m a huge fan or anything, but I felt like I knew him….you know?     I was sickened to see yet another man who had apparently been using his power and position to  marginalize and sexually harass women who work with him.

First I was sad then I got angry….but, not just at this brand of man.

I’m also frustrated at us as women for in some cases, waiting years to bring these kind of incidents to light.   Keeping things in the dark does no one any good but the perpetrator. 

It’s time we stand up together.

It's time to speak up,

I know speaking the truth can be scary.

I know we could risk a lot.  It could be our jobs, a friend, maybe our perceived reputations and, sadly, maybe at times we risk not being believed.

But you know what’s worse? Continually allowing these things to go on, slowly eating away at our self-respect.

I believe, if we all hold hands and stand together like the queens that we are, we can speak out and stop this behavior once and for all or at the very least make the would be  culprits think twice before harassing anyone else.

I’m going out on a limb here but I would guess that there isn’t  a woman over 18 years of age who could not come up with a time where she was  either sexually marginalized or in some way  harassed by a man at some point in her life.  Probably multiple times if we all had videographic memories.  Whether it was an inappropriate touch out at a bar, a lewd comment from a co-worker or a date gone awry. We have to start  shining  a spot light on these behaviors that have been going unchecked for far too long.

I remember back in college, I had a Professor who made a pass at me  when I had gone to office hours to go over some material I was struggling with.  I thwarted his advances and he threatened to flunk me.  Then I had no fear, I went to the dean and he in turn lost his job.  But there have been other situations where I didn’t speak up and for that I am disappointed in myself for being afraid of not being perceived, as a good girl, a fun girl,  a girl who doesn’t make a big deal about things. 

The truth is any kind of  “sexual harrassment” is a big deal.  

It’s a Fucking big deal.

Let’s all commit to standing up for ourselves and our sister’s.  Let’s all practice  saying these things out loud:

You interrupted me.  I’m not finished.   (We owe it to ourselves to shoot down the mansplaining)

That isn’t funny.

That is inappropriate.

You are making me uncomfortable.

Take your hand off of my………

That won’t be necessary…

Leave me alone.

Stop ignoring what I’m saying.

No.     (Yes, “No”  is a complete sentence.)

Say  these sentences as  often necessary. 

Let's be brave together.