Loving Yourself 24/7


“I’ve been so good!”  this was the first thing my client said to me when we got on our call together. “I’m so excited for my vacation next week.  I can eat  and drink whatever I want, as much as I want.”

Wait ….what ? Hold on…..

 Truth is, my client had been working hard.   She’d been using the tools I teach to lose weight which begins with loving yourself unconditionally.    She’s been eating when she's  hungry and stopping when she’s full. She’s been eating 90% fuel food and 10% joy food each day, among other things.

When she practices  the tools she feels amazing, the weight is coming off as she learns to love herself unreasonably.   But, now vacation is looming large.  And, I challenge her with the question “Why does vacation need to mean over drinking and over eating?"

"Does that feel like love?" 

I continued ,“Now, I’m not saying not to indulge.  No, I’m saying there are other ways to enjoy your vacation along with the delicious food and drink, just like at home, there need to be things you love to do that aren’t centered around food.”

“Instead of over eating and over drinking why don’t you focus on what really feels like love.  Maybe, exploring a new city/culture,  doing the activities native to the area you're visiting, spending time with your family and friends which doesn't always need to focus on food.  Devote yourself to habits that strengthen you, nourish you and give you energy at home and away”, I encouraged.

As we continued our call,  it occurred to me  that this is how I used to think of the weekend.   I’d eat well, sleep well, and forgo drinking all week.  I’d  feel amazing only to fuck everything up on the weekend.   I was a follower of the cheat day/weekend philosophy.  I'd indulge all weekend only to return to deprivation first thing Monday morning.(Could be one reason Monday morning has such a bad rap.)

Good news is I took back my weekends (and you can too), no more two steps forward, one giant sizzor step back.   Loving myself is full time job and Honey, with this job, I’m working on the weekend and vacation.  xo



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