How To Love Yourself Part: 2

Your Self Love Prescription

To be truly happy, we are told we have to love ourselves.

That’s great, we think.  

But what exactly does that mean?  How do I do it?

Does it mean eating a bowl of your favorite chocolate chunk ice cream?

Getting a work out in?

Spending a day in bed in your PJ’s binge watching your favorite Netflix series?

I say, “Yes, Yes, and Yes”, if that feels like love to you, definitely do that!

But, there is so much more to self love.

A few years ago I heard about doctors in Switzerland who wrote some unusual prescriptions for patients who came to them with anxiety and stress induced illnesses.  Instead of prescribing anti-anxiety medicine they prescribed things like vacation days and walks in nature.  ( Self Love! Yes! )  Doctor’s in the U.S. should take a tip from their playbook.   When people come in depressed and feeling unloved a prescription of self love may be the answer in some cases, and I’ve got some ideas for a healthy dose !

9Things You Can do to Learn to Love Yourself

Develop Personal Boundaries - Boundaries tell the world how we want to be treated. Establishing healthy boundaries around how we allow people to treat us is an essential part of practicing self love.  Decide how you want to be treated and what you will do if people don't comply.  If you don’t have boundaries get some.

Journaling- Every night begin a practice of writing down three things you are grateful for and three things you are proud of yourself for from that day.  Do it every day consistently.

Practice listening to your intuition- Trusting that still small voice inside of you is so important.  Listen…it knows the way.   Learn how to follow your intuition here.

Listen to what your body needs-  Our bodies are always trying to tell us what they need. Next time you find yourself at the refrigerator ask yourself if you are really hungry for food.  If the answer is yes, then eat, if not, sit down and figure out what you actually need. Maybe its comfort maybe companionship maybe you're bored and you need to find something interesting to do whatever it is give that to yourself instead of a quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Clean Up & Fix Up Your Environment- Walk around your house.  Make a list of all things that need to be cleaned, fixed, touched up or repainted.  Then start from the top and start to make where you live clean and fabulous!   You deserve nothing less!

Detox your life - Take a look at what you are reading, watching and allowing into your mind. If it isn't filing you up in a healthy way stop allowing it in your life.  Same thing goes for friendships, if you have friends who gossip or are constantly putting themelves and others down it may be time to end the friendship,

Treat yourself like you would treat your very best friend- Do you have chipped plates, holey towels, tattered bras?  While Im not suggesting you go out and replace everything that’s worn out right now.   I do encourage you to make a list of things and replace them as you can.  You deserve the very best.  You really do.

Make yourself a fan book-Take a small notebook, preferably one that will fit in your purse.  Fill it with compliments people have given you, awards you have gotten, goals you have met.  Print out lovely comments about yourself from your Social Media.  Include thank you cards that make you smile.    Look at it when you need to be reminded of who you are and why you are so deserving of your own very best love.

Do daily thought work.-Sit down every morning and do a thought download then do the work on your most painful thoughts; learn how here.  

Start with 2 or 3 of these suggestions, practice them consistently and call me in the morning......... you've got this.  xo


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