Put Your Compassion Into Action


My son Scout was born with a suitcase in his hand.  He loves to travel.   His first big city experience was Chicago.  There in the windy city,at the age of 6, he encountered his first homeless person on the Magnificent Mile.  The man’s sign read “I’m homeless, please help.”

Scout whispered to me  “Mommy can I have some money?”

I rarely ever had cash back then.  And, at that point in my life I never gave money to homeless people on the street.  Not that I didn’t care, I actually cared deeply, however it was difficult for me to make eye contact with them and I had been discouraged from giving money by many people I respected.  I had been told “Many homeless people asking for money on the street are drug addicts or drunks and they aren’t going to use the money for food."

I didn’t really believe that but, I didn’t want to have people questioning my judgment. So, as a rule, I never knelt down to look these souls in the eyes and give them my time, my money or my attention.  That is, until my son Scout came along.

Not wanting to discourage his compassion I fed his desire to help these souls with every coin and dollar bill I could scrounge up from the bottom of my purse on that afternoon in Chicago.

From that trip forward I always have extra cash for Scout to give. 

Thanks to him,  I now rarely pass a homeless person on the street without giving my time, attention or money.  You never know what just a kind word will do.

Just a couple of weeks ago we were at the Columbus Arts Festival and on the way to our car we encountered a young woman in need of help.    I saw her from a distance  and began feeling around in my bag for my wallet so I could give some money to her or so I could be ready when Scout asked.  This time however, he didn’t ask.   As it turns out he had his own money and was already bending down to give this young woman everything he had. 

He smiled at her and handed her his money.  She looked up at him in surprise. 

“Thank you” she said. 

“No problem” he responded. 

“God bless you.”  she said. 

“God bless you too.” And he stood up and rejoined me on the way to the car.

Scout lightens his weight of caring by doing what he can where he can.

How about you?  Do you have a cause that is close to your heart?  If not, answer this.....

What breaks your heart?  

What problem plaguing our world brings a tear to your eye or makes you angry?

It's a fact that giving of your time, energy and money is the way to feel better when you’re down or searching for an answer.  You will find what you seek on the other side of serving.  ~ 

Soon, I will be offering service experiences mixed with lunch and coaching to help you put your compassion into action.   More information coming soon.  xo


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