97 Days


 I love autumn, don’t you? 

I look forward to my families annual trip to the pumpkin patch, the return of Honey Crisp Apples  and sweater weather. 

Who doesn’t love that?

But you know what else I love about fall? 

Fall is when I make one final push to finish my year strong.   I take a good hard look at all of the plans I made in January; see what I’ve accomplished and where I’m falling short, and then I move into action. 

Cause dear ones I don’t want to start 2018 in the same place I started 2017 and I don’t want that for you either.

So, have you looked at your list lately?

What did you want at the beginning of the year?

Do you still want it?

Incidentally, Friday, September 22nd  marked the 265th day of the year.  That means  that today, Monday, September 25th that there are 97 days left in the year. 

97 days.

What are you going to do with it?

You have 97 days to find a career that lights you up.

97 days to lose that pesky 10 pounds.

97 days to start a workout regime.

97 days to end or begin that new relationship.

97 days to write that novel.

97 days to take that trip.

97 days to stop saying mean things to  yourself.

97 days to stop complaining.

97 days to start a gratitude practice.

97 days to learn how to say no without explanation.

97 days to build a network of influencers for your life and business.

97 days to start a podcast.

97 days to start your own food truck.

97 days to organize a clothing or food drive for your local pantry or shelter.

97 days to develop your own ice cream flavor.

97 days to start your blog.

97 days to train for a marathon.

97 days to write a musical or screen play.

97 days to make the usual unusual.

97 days to start a side hustle.

97 days to learn to play the guitar and write your first song.

97 days to begin to learn a new language.

97 days to apply for a 501-C3 – That charity isn’t going to start itself.

97 days to volunteer at that Soup Kitchen, Senior Center or Big Brother’s Big Sisters Chapter.

97 days to start a yoga practice.

97 days to break a record.

97 days to complete your DIY projects.

97 days to start a meditation practice.

97 days to paint your bedroom that lovely shade of blue.

97 days to build your first website.

97 days to finally get a handle on and organize all of your paperwork.

97 days to read that list of books on your nightstand.

97 days to get your finances in order.

97 days to make a happiness jar.

97 days to stop drinking so much.

97 days to stop gossiping.

97 days to open an investment account.

97 days to get pre-qualified to buy that house or vacation home.

97 days to schedule your healthy body check-ups.

97 days to start the adoption process.

97 days to organize your closet (once and for all)

97 days to learn how to change the tire on your car.

97 days to hang the pictures that are leaning against your wall.

97 days to schedule that family photo shoot.

97 days to schedule that sexy boudoir shoot.

97 days to practice and deliver your first TED TALK

97 days to renovate a room in your home.

97 days to learn to become a sought after public speaker.

97 days to schedule your first webinair.

97 days to apply to go back to school.

97 days to make some new friends.

97 days to rekindle a romance.

97 days to repair a relationship that’s been rocky.

97 days to  sell everything you own and travel the world.

97 days to write your memoir.

97 days to plan a New Year’s Eve Celebration like no other!

97 days to learn to make the worlds best Chocolate Chip Cookies.

97 days to brew your own craft beer.

97 days to make Christmas presents for everyone on your list.

97 days to fall in love with yourself.

97 days to move to a new apartment.

97 days to write a marketing plan for your new business.

97 days to become an early bird.

97 days to submit an article for publication.

97 days to hire a handyman to fix the things on your “honey do” list.

97 days to plan an event for your favorite charity.

97 days to plan an old fashioned potluck with your neighbors.

97 days to organize your photos and keep them that way.

97 days to bring a 4-legged friend into your family.

97 days to hire a dressmaker to design a bespoke dress for Y.O.U..

97 days to hire a photographer for a magazine style photo shoot.  You deserve it!

97 days to get a new hairstyle.

97 days to start a you-tube channel.

97 days to learn to cook a signature dish.

97 days to  learn how to take amazing photos.

97 days to explore all of the local coffee houses in your town.

97 days to increase your water intake ( half your body weight in ounces of water a day is a great goal!)

97 days to train for a triatholon.

97 days to learn to sew or knit or crochet etc….

97 days to send 97 handwritten letters, notes & thank-you cards.

97 days to clean out your garage, organize it & paint it.

97 days to learn how to dance.

97 days to take better care of your teeth. (floss much?)

97 days to start an advice column.

97 days to replace the words “I wish” in your vocabulary to “I Will !”

97 days to do a random act of kindness each day.

97 days to curate an online magazine of your own.

97 days to open your very own etsy store.

97 days to make an appointment with a personal stylist at your local department store.  Stores like Nordstrom offer the service with no obligation to buy.

97 days to grow out your bangs.

97 days to spend more time with your family & friends

97 days to finally quit smoking.

97 days to go to bed earlier.

97 days to clean out your inbox and unsubscribe from junk email.

97 days to use your phone less.

97 days to do anything you want.

97 days to make 2017 the best year yet.

You can do a lot in 97 days.  You can change your life in 97 days.

What are you going to do with your 97 days?