Stop Wasting My Time and Yours!



There is only one thing moreprecious than our timeand that is who we spend it on..png

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to drastically reduce time that is wasted. Mine and others.

This past year, I have become increasingly conscious of how I am using my time. And with this awareness I’ve become increasingly resentful of the hundreds of minutes I am spending waiting, waiting in the Starbucks and Be Fit drive-thru’s. Waiting in doctor’s offices and school pick up lines. The time I spend on hold, surfing the internet and falling down the social media rabbit hole.

You know, time is our most precious, non-renewable resource.  It can’t be bought, sold or traded. 

But, what if it could?

What if you could sell your time?

How much would you charge for yours?

What if you knew exactly how many days you had to live?

I read an article recently that gave this formula:

Multiply your age x 365

Then subtract that number from 27,375 days (an average lifespan).

The number remaining is how many days (give or take a few) you have left to live on this amazing earth.

Do the math.

Does knowing the approximate number of days you have left change how you want to live? 

It certainly does for me. I’m shoring up the time sucks! Less time waiting, more time looking people in the eyes and speaking the truth. Less time spent in pointless meetings. More time creating my work for the world.

I am batching my errands and using apps for Starbucks and Chipotle to eliminate time waiting in lines. (Technology can suck our time but it can also make us more productive!)

I’m planning meals for the week and then utilizing my local supermarket's shopping service to stop spending so much time at the store (eliminating what sometimes were daily visits).

To use time effectively when waiting can’t be controlled like at a doctor’s office, I have a book, magazine and notebook with my fav number 2 pencils in my car so I always have something with me to do. I’m 86ing the frustration. I don’t want to spend any more of my time feeling resentful.

This is just the beginning!

Not only do I resolve to stop having my time wasted, I am resolving to stop wasting other people’s time. Here’s a few thoughts on how all of us can conserve each other’s time.

Show up on time. Always.

Write concise, direct, elegant emails.

Gather your thoughts before you speak.  Sometimes you don't need to give a rebuttal or put in your two cents. Sometimes the most powerful things you can say are just a few simple words. "Yes!" "No." "I love you."

Say no. Don't say yes to something you don't want to do and then decide to tell the person later.

Make boundaries clear in your business and personal life.

Be self-reliant. Master the Google!  In other words, don’t waste other people’s time asking for help with something you can easily figure out yourself.

Reclaim your time. Now what are you going to do with all this future?