One Thing You Can Do to Insure You Will Achieve Your Goals

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I haven’t had the most productive first week of the new year and I’m a little annoyed.

I let things get in the way of starting every project I’ve been so excited about beginning in 2018.  My mistake was I didn't do the first thing I teach my goal setting clients...I didn't identify my why.   I suppose I thought my enthusiasm would be all I needed, au contraire.

.So, I’m pretending that today is New Years Day!  Happy New Year!

Today I'm making a list of all of my goals and why I want to attain them.

"Why?" is a simple question but the answer packs a whole lot of power.

Everything we actually “do” has a strong “why” around it and often times you need to go further than the first layer of "Why."  You gotta go deeper to find the motivation you are going to need to keep going when the newness of a pet project fades. 

So join me, take one of your goals and ask yourself why do you want that particular thing? Ask yourself  as many times as needed  (kinda like a two year old) until you get to the strongest why, the one that will help propel you towards your goal. 

For example….

Perhaps one of your goals this year is to find a new job.

Ask yourself….

Why do you want a new job?

Your answer may be…Because I’m bored.

Why are you bored?

Because I don’t like what I do all day long.

Why do you not like what you do?

I don’t like it because it’s annoying and repetitive.

Why  do you not like annoying and repetitive work?

I do  not like doing the same thing day in and day out.  I don’t want to live my life like that.

Bingo.  The prospect of living your whole life doing something you find repetitive and annoying is scary as hell. Now go out and find a new job!

Know your why. 

Write down your goal and your why.

Read it daily.  Hourly if need be.

Go out and grind until your goals are reality.


Incidentally any day is a good day to list your goals and figure out your why.  Just begin.  Make 2018 the year you don’t give up.