CycleBar, Prince & Your Legacy

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Some people choose their ride at Cyclebar based on the instructor.  I, however, go to whatever class is available at the time I have allotted.   This past Saturday I reserved a bike at the 9:00 ride which happened to be a concert ride….a Prince concert ride.

I arrived that morning ready to rock my ride and I was greeted by a sea of purple tanks, head bands, socks……I musta missed the memo….I had no purple….Do I leave?...Hell no, but, if anyone asked, I mentally planned to say there was purple on my shoes, it was hot pink but I figured in the dim lights of the cycle theater no one would know the difference.

Turns out there was no memo, it seems everyone who loves Prince knows you wear purple to a Prince Concert…it’s part of his legacy.

This concept, Legacy has been on my mind a lot lately.

You see…I was listening to a podcast last week by a mentor of mine, Brooke Castillo, and she was talking about Legacy  and how, what she teaches her students, is what she wants her great great great granddaughter to know.   She says she often pictures her great great great granddaughter struggling with something and then being able to pull up a podcast or a book of hers on the topic. What would Great Great Great Grandma Brooke do ?  She will most likely be able to listen or read the answer.   

So cool right!?

It got me thinking about my own legacy and your's.

Now,  this doesn’t mean you need to start a podcast or become a rock legend to guide your future family members (unless of course you want to!) but, that also doesn’t mean you don’t have some way of leaving a path for your great great great granddaughter to know you, to learn from you , cause she will love the fact she can.

Think about it , wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to listen to your great great great grandmother talk about Women’s rights or how she perseveres when life doesn’t go as planned or how she met your great great great grandfather or why she left him when women didn’t do those things?

So Lovelies, What would you like your great great great grandaughter  to know?

What matters to you.?

What do you believe in?

What are you willing to fight for?

She will love knowing.

Imagine….Maybe she will be studying the women’s marches, and you’ve left her a photo of you at the women’s march on Washington in 2017 (yeah, she will think you were so cool, being part of the resisitance)  and a journal passage of how you participated and hoped that in 10 years, 50 years, 100 years there would be no need for marches for women’s rights and your great great great grand daughter will know you fought for her to have them.

Maybe you will be a part of the generation that shatters the glass ceiling once and for all and your great great great granddaughter can rise in the ranks much easier because you learned to ask for what you deserved and would tolerate nothing less than equal work for equal pay and you left her the career map of how you did it and what you learned.

You could lead and teach future generations from the pages of a journal, letters, essay’s , blog posts,  favorite family recipes,  menu’s from celebrations and holiday’s, videos, photographs, podcasts,  to name a few.

I know of a family who has a notebook from a great great grandparent which carefully lists every charitable donation they made.   So amazing! Right?!

Document your life.  Leave a legacy for future generations.  You have a wealth of experience and knowledge.  Your future great great great granddaughter will thank you for it.  xoxo