How I'm Using Thought Work Today


I have to be honest.  I never thought too much about becoming a mom.  I just never thought of not being one.  If that makes any since.

But, as fate would have it, I became one and I fell hard  for my kids, each and every one. 

My youngest son, Scout is 15.  From the time he was a babe in arms I had this feeling that he was going to be out of my daily reach earlier than I might want and that prophecy could be coming true all too soon.

You see there is this school who is trying to recruit him to play baseball. He would go to school in the mornings and train hard each and every afternoon.  He would get to play the sport he loves every day.  The problem with it is it’s a couple thousand miles away from me. 

Now, I could put my foot down.  I could tell him "No, I’d miss you too much. "

I could tell him. "No, I’m the parent and the answer is no."

But, who am I to stand in his way.  

Who am I too hold him back.

I could think thoughts like how much I would miss him.  I could think about how different his high school experience would be, no prom for me to take pictures of, no homecoming.  I would be able to see fewer baseball games.  He would never be selected as athlete of the month or receive any all city team awards.  Dammit!   I want to experience those things.  

I however, am doing my best not to think those thoughts.

Those thoughts would make me feel sad.

Feeling sad would cause me to act mopey, be quieter than normal.  Maybe even a little distant.

The outcome could result in a very confused Scout.   I’d be unapproachable and he might not feel comfortable talking to me about the decision.

So, I’m coaching myself, thought work in action!

I’m choosing to think different thoughts. 

Remember, our thoughts create our feelings which cause our actions which create our results.

The thoughts I’m choosing to think…..

What if this is his path?

What if I could build a second home for my family in Florida?

What if I could extend my business, offer retreats and special events in two different places?

What if this is the best thing for Scout and for my family?

Choosing to think these thoughts makes me feel excited!

Because I'm feeling excited my actions are different.  I'm researching condos and places for blow out life changing retreats. 

And the outcome is me happy which is making the decision easier for Scout because I’m not all pouty and oozing fear and angst.  I’m oozing possibility and giving him the piece of mind knowing we will make it right for him no matter what he chooses.

Change your thoughts, you change your life.  If you want to learn how contact me. xoxo