Don't Stop! Keep Going!!!

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You’ve got big goals. Big dreams. Big plans.

Maybe your goal is to…

Lose 30 pounds.

Start  an Interior Design business.

Paint your room an amazing shade of aubergine

Earn six figures okay, seven figures.

Stop over drinking.

Goals that make your heart happy when you think of them but….you aren’t taking action.

You might be thinking...."Maybe it’s the wrong goal."

"Maybe I’m not supposed to do that."  

"It’s supposed to feel easy if it’s the right goal…right?"


The truth is, doing the work to achieve a goal isn’t easy but, it is sooooo worth it.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I would tell you that your thoughts are the only thing that’s stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams. 

The reason you aren’t in hot pursuit of your dreams is because of a thought or… maybe two thoughts.

Time for a little advanced thought work.

Let's look at a goal to lose weight.

You may have a thought that says “I can’t lose weight”.  A thought you have nurtured for a long time. 

And, if you’ve been following my work, maybe you’ve done the thought work on it and are looking for evidence to prove your new thought true- maybe the new thought is-“I am working on losing weight. “

When you have two conflicting thoughts it creates cognitive dissonance and Darling, it’s uncomfortable but, you gottta move forward anyway.

It takes time.

You will experience extreme mental discomfort on your way to pursing your goals and it’s okay.

See, your brain likes the past, it likes how it’s always been.  It’s easier for your brain to think it’s old thought.  It’s safe there.

But cognitive dissonance is not a sign to turn back.

Just begin. Then…keep GOING.

If it’s something you want you must continue through the discomfort.  If you fail at one attempt try again. If you  fail again try something else.  Keep doing new things until you get the desired result.

Your dreams are worth it.

You are worth it.

Now, go get it!    xoxo