It Takes Practice

It takes practice to practice..png

We were told from the time we entered school that to master a skill we must practice it.   

So we practiced.   

We practiced reading, writing, adding and subtracting.  We practiced raising our hands and being quiet.   We practiced the piano, violin and free throws.   

Some of us people pleasers got really good at practicing being people pleasers by practicing.

Then we grew up and we unconsciously began practicing other things…

We practice over eating.

We practice creating drama.

We practice drinking chardonnay. 

We practice reacting to every feeling we feel.

We practice quitting.

Take a look at your life, what are you really good at?  

What have you been practicing?

If you have trouble accessing the answer to this take a look at the results in your life.

Are you overweight?

Do you wake with a slight hangover every other morning?

Are your relationships thriving?

Is your business growing?

Maybe it’s time to practice something on purpose.

Practice eating less.

Practice not drinking.

Practice feeling your feelings without reacting.

Practice believing in yourself.

Practice not giving up.   xo