Create Results on Purpose!

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Every morning, at 5 am, I walk my dog, Louie.  Let me just say, it is always an adventure, especially now that all of these strange new signs are appearing in our neighbor’s yards.   Lou is terrified of them, he’s convinced they are going to attack us.  My apologies if any of you reading this are my neighbors and have woken to Lou carrying on.

I on the other hand, love the graduation signs.

Signs of  goals completed.

Signs of new dreams about to begin.

From birth there are milestones set for us by society.  Most people adopt them as goals to accomplish.

Rolling over


Going to School

Graduating High School

Going to College

Getting married 

Having children

But then what? 

We as a collective people tend to stop dreaming after we turn 25 or so.

We adopt the same milestones for our children and fuel their dreams, their goals.

But, say you live a long life, well into your 80’s or 90’s maybe even 100….

What ya gonna do with all that time?

Live on default?     Say it isn't so!!!!

To live a fulfilling life there has to be more.  Much more.

I believe we are here on earth to become the best version of ourselves.  We are here to evolve and that means we need to pay attention to all of our dreams and desires.  The ones that stay with us for awhile, the ones we wake up thinking about, are the ones we need to follow to completion.

The fact is, we are always creating results in our life.   Having a goal and working towards it is a way of deciding what you want your results to be.

Take your power back. 

Tell your brain what to think. 

Create results on purpose.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I teach all of my clients the process of thought work to help change negative thinking to more positive thinking.  But, you can use a simpler process we call the model to create results on purpose.

The model

Thoughts create our feelings.

Feelings create our actions

Actions create our results

Results always prove our thoughts true.

Let’s says you want your result to be that you weigh 135 pounds.  

What would you have to think, feel and do to get your result?  Plug in your result and work backwards.

It might look something like this, but work from the bottom up.

My thought:       I’m working on losing weight

Feelings:             Inspired, excited, determined

Actions:  Choosing foods that feel good in your body and help you accomplish your goals.  Work out (stick to your minimum baseline), follow your food protocol. Work on goals and projects other than weight loss after all, you’ve got a life outside of creating the body you want.

Result :   I weigh 135 lbs.

Or  say you want to earn $100,00 this year.

Same thing, what do you need to think?


What actions?

Result $100,00 in the bank.

You get the idea.  If you would like help creating results on purpose.  Contact me. It’s one of my favorite things.  xoxo