Want to Feel Less Overwhelmed?

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“ I’ll have to clean off the counter, but sure, I can set out my kid's lunch boxes before I go to bed.”

“Clean off the counter?  Wait...What’s on your counter?” 

I was a new coach, I'd been meeting with my client for a couple of months before I realized her constant state of stress was rooted in her disorganized house.  

Cluttered space= Cluttered mind.  

What’s going on in your house is going on in your head.

If the idea of organizing your house seems overwhelming.  I understand.  But if you can spare 15 minutes and a trash bag you can go from a mess to an organized maven in no time.

 Now, let's start with your junk drawer.  You know, that catch all drawer in your kitchen...

Dump it all out. 

Clean the drawer.  

Throw out the trash. Be ruthless.  (You don’t need another bouncy ball right?)

Put away everything that was stashed in that drawer because the user of the stuff didn't have enough time to put it away.  

What should go back in the drawer?

A couple of pens and pencils. Maybe, a ruler.


Scotch Tape

Measuring tape

Screw Driver 

Things you reach for at a moment's notice.  

Now, step back, pat yourself on the back! Nice Job!

Clean and organized.

You will feel a since of accomplishment.    The house will feel lighter.

Next, tackle the cabinet under your bathroom sink.   15 minutes, and a trash bag.

Then do your sock drawer. 

Next, your underwear drawer...you get the idea.

Do one drawer, one cabinet, one closet a day until the job is done.  You will feel like an organized person. You will feel less stressed, less overwhelmed, this I can promise you.

5 Other Tips to Keep Your House Tidy and Organized.

Put the dishes in the dishwasher immediately after using them.  Don’t set the dishes in the sink to do later. Just don't.

Designate an "In basket"  for things that come into your house during the day.  Empty it nightly.

Designate an "Out basket"  for things that need to be returned outside of the house. Empty it at least once a week.

Take 15 minutes to tidy up the house in the morning and/or before bed.

Touch papers once.  When paper comes into the house (ie.. mail or papers from school) take the time necessary to put the paper where it needs to go.  Mostly, in the trash can.

You’ve got this Queen.  xo