Feeling Happy Might Not Be Enough

Is Feeling Happy Enough?.png


There have been hundreds of books published on the subject of happiness.  New titles are written every year.  

It’s a very popular subject. 

It seems that our society as a whole thinks being happy is the top emotion people want to feel but I challenge you to think outside the proverbial box here, maybe there are other emotions we should want to feel. 

How about, abundance, anger, acceptance, appreciated, valued, unstoppable, excited, sad, joyous, enthusiastic, motivated, disgust, loved etc....

For me, happy is my default emotion, I feel it everyday but, the truth is, just feeling happy hasn't gotten me anywhere.

The definition of happy is "feeling or showing pleasure and contentment".

Umm....will feeling happy help me create a fempire?  

I don't think so.


How you feelis based onhow you think..png

Unless I think thoughts on purpose the typical emotions I feel on a daily basis are happy, peaceful, sympathetic and these are not feelings I can use to create what I want in my life.  

Those emotions are good for staying the same,  being content.  Not good for taking action.  So I change them when I'm in hot pursuit of a goal.

To create a business, lose weight and pretty much bring any project I wanted to bring to life I needed to feel focused, confident,  determined, driven...– happy isn’t in that formula.   So I came up with thoughts to think on purpose to create these feelings.`

What are your top 3 emotions you feel on the daily?

Are they the emotions you need to help you take the action you want in your life?

It’s a tough road to expect yourself to create amazingly cool things from negative emotions or feelings of contentment.  It’s rarely ever done.  

So, what are the three emotions you would need to create what you want in your life?

Now, figure out the thoughts you need to think to create those emotions.


Our thoughts

create our feelings

which cause our actions 

which create our results.

We can do all of it on purpose.

It's that simple.