Why Not You?


There are a lot of amazing people doing amazing things in this world.  

People like you and me.

There are people providing clean drinking water to villagers in Africa.

People guiding victims of sex trafficking to safe houses.

Folks setting up schools in places like Uganda for girls to have a chance at an education.

Everyday,  there are people reaching their goal weight.   

There are people creating new lines of clothing, hand bags , accessories.  

People starting blogs, podcasts and You Tube channels strategically monetizing their passions.

There are people making plans in their spare room to run for election in their small towns with plans to end up in the White House some day.

There are people doing incredible things in this world.   

Is it you?

If it’s not you then……..Why Not You?

I know you’ve had crazy cool ideas for businesses, social enterprises,  new courses for your child’s high school curriculum, inventions, websites etc… 

If you haven’t taken action, I’d like to know why?

What's your dream excuse?.png


What’s your dream excuse?

What does your brain tell you to give yourself relief when you get some gumption and you decide to go for it? 

Does your brain tell you...

"Don’t do that now, you’ll have more time later."

"That’s been done before, don’t bother."

"That's the stupidest idea ever."

"You should probably think about this a little longer…here eat this cupcake instead."

Really, think about what your brain tells you in those moments when you decide it’s time to take action.

Understand, this is your brains job, to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  Going after something, no matter how wonderful it is, is foreign to your brain, it’s change and darling your brain want’s nothing to do with it.  It wants to keep you safe and in the same life you've always had.

So, the next time you get excited about an idea step back and watch how your brain reacts when you pick up the phone, put pen to paper, send the email or decide to put boots on the ground.  

Listening to your brains excuses will give you so much relief but, I promise you, if you follow your brains dream excuse  nothing will ever change.

So, if it's change you want, this is what you do….

Figure out what your dream excuse is.

Decide ahead of time how you will react. 

Then rinse and repeat.  Keep moving forward no matter what.

It may be hard, but we can do hard things.  

Wishing you so much success.  xo