I've Never Done It Before.

What ya gonna do with all that future?.png

Last week I met a new client for the first time.  

She has a big goal she wants to accomplish.

I asked her why she hadn’t accomplished her goal yet.  She said “I don’t actually think I can do it." “Why" I asked   “Why?….because I’ve never done anything like it before.”

I hear this a lot.

I have clients come to me with the desire to lose weight. 

bring a product to market.

meet a man.

stop drinking.

start a business.

Why haven’t they done it? 

Because they say they've never done it before.

Think about it....How does anyone ever do anything new if they base their future on their past?

Think about it….what if a baby didn’t try to sit-up, roll over or walk because they relied on their past to create their future.  What if they thought "Walk?"  "What?" " How could I?...I’ve never done it before?"  And then they didn’t.

Living  your life based on your past is very predictable, it’s why so many people end up living the same year over and over again. Ground Hog’s Day on steroids.

You see we all have something inside of us, that wants to push us forward and evolve.  But our brain wants us to stay the same, stay safe, stay in the cave.  Ignoring the desire to evolve  is why many people over eat, over drink, over shop , because it’s the only way they can handle the discomfort of a stagnant life.

The fact is we are not our brain.  We all have the power to control the  thoughts our brain thinks in order to create the lives we desire. 

Stop over eating, Stop over drinking.  Stop over shopping and see what comes up for you.  It will most likely feel uncomfortable and that's okay.   That discomfort will be the very thing that helps you move towards your dreams. 

If you want something different for your life than you've ever had before it requires us to use our imagination and think new thoughts, take new action and create new results on purpose.