When Your Life Interferes With Your Weight Loss Goals!

How to loseweight whenyour life is a special occasion.-2.png

Thousands of people set New Year resolutions to lose weight in 2018.  

Some people have accomplished their goal or are well on their way.  

But, some haven’t.  

For some people their goal to eat healthy and work out were put to the test the first weekend of the new  year.  It went something like this....

They went out for their best friend Amy’s birthday!  

“We need to celebrate!” they said!

So off to the Mexican restaurant they went.  They started off  with the queso dip and the  salsa and chips, drank 3, okay 4  margaritas and  ate 3 pork carnitas soft shell tacos  (they were so good and besides they were small..)

Then they kicked themselves the next morning cause physically  they felt terrible, (damn tequila hangover) and mentally they were beating themselves up for over eating all of that Mexican delicousness.  

As they were nursing their hangover they realized one of the networks were running a marathon of their favorite show and they settled in on the sofa with a big bag of chips  (grease helps hangovers right?) and watched all day Sunday.  "The diet’s already blown this weekend," they thought to themselves," I’ll start again tomorrow, besides it’s a special occasion, I haven’t seen this show in so long…."

Monday rolls around and their office mate  brings  in home made cookies, (she’s finally starting that side hustle and she needed  their help picking the best cookie to market) and so they had to have a couple, or it would rude right?  It’s a special occasion, she’s wanted to do this for so long so they had to sample a few....

You get the idea...

Every day can be looked at as a special occasion and I believe every day deserves the good china but, if you have a goal to lose weight this year have you ever thought about celebrating a special occasion without over eating or over drinking anything at all?

What if you celebrated by just being present, feeling all of your feelings without using food or alcohol to escape them?

What if you set your mind to thoroughly enjoying the company and in doing so having your own back and achieving your weight loss goals?

 What if even though it's a special occasion you ate food that fits in your weight loss protocol and what if you only ate the amount of food your body needed for fuel?


If you have to “over” something…what about “over” laughing,  “over” giving,  “over” loving, or “over” enjoying the company  instead?  

If you gotta “over” something wouldn’t it be better to “over” something that doesn't leave you with the taste of regret.    xoxo