You Are Not Your Primitive Brain!

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Has this ever happened to you?

 You step out of the shower or come back from a run with a really great idea.

 You are literally bursting with all of the possibilities.

 It’s an amazing few minutes.

 Then, all of a sudden, self-doubt creeps in.

 Our brain starts in with the negative chatter…

 How could you do that?

You don’t know how to do that.

Who do you think you are?

Other people can do that but not you.

 Our desire starts to wane.

 It’s not our brains fault, our primitive brain is programmed to keep us safe, seek pleasure and avoid pain.  

 New ideas require new neural pathways, and lots of energy and our brain unmanaged, tries hard to not expend more energy than is necessary.

 This little song and dance used to stop me dead in my tracks.  Lots of lovely goals disappeared into the abyss of  self doubt and I ended up having the same day over and over with little to no growth.

 Yes, safe, sound  and miserable.

 But, that was before…now-a-days ,when I have a great idea, I know to expect the self-doubt  and  I  take action anyway.

 See, I now know that I am not my primitive brain. And neither are you.

 You know who I am ?

 I am the part who came up with the idea. I am the creative genius and I have learned to control the part of my brain (my pre-frontal cortex) that can help me make any goal a reality if I tell it what to focus on.

My primitive brain, on the other hand, would prefer  I stay in my comfy clothes, eating buttered popcorn and watching The Great British Back off 24/7.  Safe, sound and the same.

 The trick is to know, when you choose a goal and self doubt creeps in and your desire starts to wane, it is not the time to quit, it doesn’t mean you chose wrong.   Au contraire mon cheri you did it right, cause you chose a goal that requires you to evolve into a different version of yourself and that is scary to your primitive brain.

 You gotta expect self doubt.

 The most exceptional, successful people have self doubt but, they do the very thing the doubt is telling them not too.

 Be that.

 Tell your brain what to think.    

 It’s not the boss of you.