Climb a Mountain for Yourself for a Change!

Everyone else can count on you. Why can't you count on you?.png

I have spent a chunk of my life being the proverbial wind beneath someone else’s wings, I'm an encourager, it's part of who I am.  As moms and as women in general that’s what we do, we climb mountains for our family, build bridges and science projects, we encourage others to help ensure their success. Hell, we will jump the damn hurdle for someone else to succeed but, often,  when it’s for something we want, we  can’t regularly count on ourselves to follow through. 

For example….

Let’s say we have a goal to lose weight.   

We  may read about the topic and talk to our girlfriends about how we want to lose weight, we may watch fitness infommercials and buy diet programs.  Then we steady ourselves and commit and we may lose some weight but, as soon as an obstacle gets in our way…. we quit.  For instance, an obstacle like vacation comes and we throw the plan to the wind.  "It’s vacation", we think to ourselves, "forget my goal, I deserve to eat anything and everything I want!" 

And, it’s true, you deserve everything you really, really want but, when you have a goal to lose weight do you want to eat everything you want and go backwards or do you want to stick to your plan and lose the weight?  I like to think I know the answer to that....

You deserve to be able to count on yourself to overcome  obstacles for yourself just like you would for someone else.   

Everybody else counts on you why can’t you count on you?

When obstacles get in the way of you and a goal (and they will) you must keep taking action until you get through them and then keep going.  Keep taking action until you get the result you want.  If the goal is worthy of your time energy and attention there will be challenges and you may fail 100 times but get back on the horse and keep going.

Move a mountain for yourself for a change, I dare ya!