International Random Acts of Kindness Week Ideas!

Work hard and be kind that is all.-2.png

Happy International Random Acts of Kindness Week!    

 I believe that being kind is the most important characteristic a person can develop. Not sticky sweet nice but kind, the stuff that comes from the heart.

 My guess, if you are reading this, you practice random acts of kindness pretty regularly but, this week, let’s  all step it up a notch shall we?! 

 If a week  seems overwhelming  you can focus your energy on National Random Acts of kindness day, Sunday February 17th!

 Let’s all set the intention of doing as many random acts of kindness as we can !   

 Below are some ideas to get you started.   

 Leave an uplifting note in a library book.

Leave an unusally generous tip for a waiter/waitress.

Leave a book on a park bench with a note inside for the person who picks it up.

Pack a lunch for a homeless person and deliver it.

Bring up your neighbors trash cans.

Make a pot of soup for your local EMS crew.

Give a 20 to the homeless person you see everyday at the 4 way stop,

Make dinner for a new mom or a family going through a hard time.

Leave a gift in your mailbox for your mailman.

Take water or coffee out to your garbage men.

Send flowers to an elderly neighbor.

Bring a tray of treats to the teachers lounge at your local elementary school.

Give the pizza delivery guy an amazing tip.

Write a thank you note to a different person each week for a year.

Write a note on your child’s napkin each day and put it in his lunch box.

Call your Aunt, Grandma, Mom, Dad just because.

Make homemade dog bones and deliver them to the dogs in your neighborhood.

Write an amazing review for your dryclean delivery person.

Write a killer review for a restaurant you love.

Go thru your pantry and take a bag of items to your local food pantry.

Bring coffee to your office mate.

Compliment a stranger.

Send a card to your best friend, tell him or her what they mean to you.

Put a basket of treats and bottles of water on your porch for delivery people.

Write uplifting messages on a stack of sticky notes and post them everywhere.

Put money in other people’s parking meters.

Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru line.

Donate used towels and blankets to a local animal shelter.

Offer to take someone’s cart back to the store for them, extra special when it’s raining or freezing cold.

Visit a relative or family friend who is in a nursing home.  Make plans to see them again.

Put together and ship a care package to a college student or friend who is far away.

 What Ideas do you have? I’d love to hear about your random acts of kindness!  Post them on my FB Page or tag me on IG @robinmcallisterzaas