Is Your Life a Complete Success?

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Many clients come to me thinking they aren’t enough.  Not a good enough Mother, wife, daughter, friend.   They feel like they’re constantly putting out fires.  

These women are so busy but, when it’s all said and done nothing really gets done that matters to them.  They feel stuck and disssatisfied.

 Living like this causes frustration and feelings of lack and often times these same women will start to buffer with over eating or over drinking, over using social media or over shopping, cause their real life is just too painful when they aren’t buffering.

 Does that sound like you?

 If yes, I know how you feel.   Been there. Done that.  But I’ve managed to change things and so can you.

 It’s time to get back to basics, the basics of who you are and what you want your life to be about.  Two things that can help are knowing your top 5 values and your top 5 outcomes for your life.

 Figuring out a persons “Top 5 Outcomes” is one of my favorite exercises I do with my clients.

Life outcomes are simply sentences which state what  you want your life to have been about when it’s all said and done.

 Some people figure this out by doing the exercise of writing their own obituary but I don’t think that is as telling as asking yourself this… “If you were to die today at say… 5:17 pm, would you consider your life a complete success”  

Think about it, I’ll wait….

 Now, if you answer “Yes” then rock on with your bad self.  But, if you say “No it wouldn’t be a complete success” then consider 5 reasons why.  In your answers you will find 5 outcomes for your life.  5 main things that you want your life to have been about.

 These are mine….

I will consider my life a complete success when…..

 I have lived a well traveled life.  Visiting every continent and every country on my list.

I have defied stereotypes and been an excellent example of fitness and health at every age.

I have nurtured a happy, close knit, successful family and many many friends. With millions of memories of vacations, holidays and every day times spent together.

I have contributed significantly to end a problem that plagues the world. (Hunger, at risk teens finding purpose etc…)

I have built my own fempire and created a legacy of work that my great great great great grand children will be able to read and listen too and know me through what I leave behind. Most importantly I can support myself financially and give money freely to what I choose.

 Knowing your top 5 outcomes for your life helps you live a life of intention.  Once you know your outcomes make sure that each day you have something scheduled to propel you forward towards your outcomes, towards your best life.

 Knowing your top 5 values and your top 5 outcomes help you filter requests on your time.  If doing the task will help you get closer, say yes, if it eats away your time, I think you know the answer.

Here’s to living a life of intention.