I Did That For You

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The most important earthly relationship is the relationship we have with ourselves.  

It’s true.  

 Our relationship with ourselves is more important than our relationships with our parents, spouses and our children.   After all, wherever we go, there we are. And, like anything else, it takes work if we want it to be happy and healthy.

 So, how well do you know the beauty in the mirror?

 Do you know your top 5 values?

Do you schedule time each day to do something that propels you towards your top 5 outcomes?

Do you work out when you plan too?

Are you kind to yourself?

Do you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full?

Do you know what you want?

Do you pay attention to your desires and take action towards what lights you up?

 Just like other relationships we need to be continually putting coins in our own meters (thanks Stephen Covey) so when we have to make a withdrawl  like,  we have to miss a work out or something takes precedence over working on our own goals we still have faith in ourselves that we will get right back at it at the next possible opportunity.    

 We gotta do what we say we are going to do for ourselves regularly.

 I have a beautiful weight loss client who used to tell herself almost daily “I can eat this today and then tomorrow I’ll  be good”  but tomorrow never came.  She would let herself down daily. 

 It was a horrible cycle.   She couldn’t trust herself.

 Can you trust you?

 It’s time to exercise and strengthen your faith in yourself.  Every time you…..

 Choose to eat the healthy choice.

Wake up early  to get the work out in.

Take the high road in a disagreement.

Choose to overlook someone elses mistake. 

Write the blog post.

Make the ask.

Have the conversation.

Do any task that gets you closer to your own life outcomes.

 After you’ve done it, I want you to whisper to yourself…

 “I did that for you.”

Strengthen your faith in yourself.

 You + You.  Best Friends for life.