Why Aren't You Taking Action?

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I love goals.  

I love to make lists of all the things I want to do, own and experience.  I am really good at goal making but for a long time I wasn’t really good at taking the action required to achieve the things I really wanted or I THOUGHT I really wanted.

 After many years of fits and starts and quitting on myself and blaming it on family priorities or lack of time (you know our favorite excuses right?)  But then there was this one day when I couldn’t take it anymore. I was sick of myself and tired of helping everyone else succeed and quitting on myself.

 I went to work and  I figured out a process  I used to start achieving my goals and going after my dreams I call it – VERGE.    My coaching program will help anyone achieve what they want for their lives even if they’ve quit on themselves 80 million times. 

 The first step is  to make sure it’s really a goal you want.

 I can hear you saying “Of course it’s a goal I want!  I put it on my list. “ 

 That’s what I used to think but the truth is sometimes we put goals down that we’ve seen other people achieve and it looks great but truthfully, deep down, we don’t really want it.  Then we beat ourselves cause we aren’t taking consistent action or any action towards it.

 How do you know for sure?

 You’ve  gotta take your goal through a couple of filters first…..

 When a client of mine has a goal that they think they really want but can’t get started on we first explore if it fits in their top 5 values.  

 Sometimes a goal we set for ourselves sounds delicious but, it doesn’t really fit with what we believe in and we simply subconsciously don’t/won’t  take action because of it.  So the first thing we do is establish what their top 5 values are.  

 What are yours?

 The first value 99% of my clients tell me is family. Qkay! If that’s you, I get it, me too.  I’m just going to give you that.  So, give me 5 more.

 Do you know?

 Not sure?

 Take a look at your schedule,, what you do religiously?

Who do you spend your time with?

 What are your habits?

 You will find clues there. 

You can also answer these questions and look for consistency in your answers. 

 What are three things I like most about myself and least about myself?

 Who is the happiest person I know?

 Who are the two people I like and respect the most and why?

 Who am I?

 Once you have your top 5 values use them as a tool to figure out if a goal is worthy of your time, energy and attention. Knowing your top 5 values are also a handy tool for all you people pleasers out there.  If you are constantly saying yes and wishing you could say no, try weighing requests on your time against your values.  If it matters to you do it, if it doesn’t then the answer is “no”.  

 Keep your top 5 values where you can see them every day.  Memorize them and use them to protect your time and energy. xxoo