It's a Big Waste of Time

Worry is the down payment on a problem you may never have..png

  There was a time when I would fret and worry about everything.

 My second grade teacher nicknamed me “Worry Wart”, for real.

 Worrying followed me into adulthood.

Mostly I’d worry about things that were out of my control like, when waiting for medical test results, or worrying about what someone may or may not have said about me or my children’s issues on the playground.

I spent so much of my precious time worrying about things that 99% of the time never occurred. #bigwasteoftime

 It took a parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of my 5 year old daughter, Isabella,  to realize that nothing matters other than the health and well being of myself and my family. All of the other issues that I used to worry about simply slipped out of view.

Now, as a life coach, I teach my clients, who are life time worriers, how to stop the habit without the need to experience a loss like I did.

I show them how to manage their emotional life so that they never let what so and so said (cause that’s just none of their business) or other things that are beyond their control shatter their calm inner core.  

 If you find yourself constantly worrying ask yourself these questions….

Is this something that is going to matter a year from now, or five years from now?

Is there an action I can or should take to rectify the situation?

What is the best possible outcome? What is the worst possible outcome? Odds are the outcome will be somewhere in the middle or better.

If what you are worried about is a thought about yourself ask yourself for three reasons why the thought isn’t true? It will loosen the grip just a little and help you see that it most likely isn’t true to begin with.

Do what you can when faced with a possible problem and then let it go. Give it to God. 

Worry is unnecessary pain we put ourselves through.  No matter how hard we worry it never changes the outcome.