Your Motivation Isn't Lost

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Many of my clients initially hire me because they can’t seem to get themselves to take action and they are looking for their motivation as if it’s a long lost friend.

I totally get it. That used to be me too but, not anymore.

 I know the truth about motivation and it’s actually the best news ever!

 Motivation isn’t some illusive thing you find outside in the world somewhere.  

 Motivation is a feeling that you create  yourself. 

The good news is it’s always available to you.

You do this by the thoughts you think.

Yes.  It’s absolutely true.

So what thoughts cause you to feel motivated?

 Here are some of mine…

I am capable.

There isn’t anything I can’t do.

I can do hard things.

Someone is going to get to do this, it might as well be me.

I am creating the life I want.

 Thoughts can be detailed to create motivation for certain tasks like say spring cleaning.

 I love a clean house.

No one can do this work quite like me.

My home reflects my family.

I like getting my hands dirty.

I love how light my house feels after it’s been cleaned and organized by me.

Pick a goal or a task that you haven’t been able to get yourself to take action on. Make a list of some motivating thoughts and then think them on purpose.  Notice which ones create the most motivation you need to do your thing and then think them all day long. It’s that easy. You’ve got this. xo