The Real Truth on Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

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The real truth on apple cider vinegar weight loss.

Since I became a weight loss coach, most of my weight loss clients have told me some form of the same sad saga of bouncing from diet to diet and cleanses to boot camps. Each one claimed  to be the answer to their weight loss prayers, and they may have even lost some weight.

But, it always crept back up on them.

Recently, a potential client was asking what I thought about the effects of apple cider vinegar for weight loss. So, I did a little research to confirm what I already suspected.

Is it really the vinegar?

The fact is this: there is no scientific proof that drinking apple cider vinegar leads to weight loss. Different sites recommend drinking the vinegar along with eating less refined food, increasing your water intake, and working out.

Hmm... do you really think it’s the vinegar?

What if I told you the secret to permanent weight loss wasn’t a strict diet, a cleanse or a grueling workout routine?

Because it’s not.

What if instead of focusing on this self-inflicted violence in the name of the holy grail of weight loss, we all focused on developing our gifts, excelling in our careers, and pursuing the things that light us up before the number drops on the scale?


Loving yourself as you are right now (before you drink a gallon of apple cider vinegar) is the first step toward lasting weight loss.  

Stop looking for a quick fix and start a self-love revolution.

My 5 tips for permanent weight loss:

  1. Develop self-love (it’s not always easy, but you are worth it).

  2. Amp up the pleasure in your life that doesn’t have anything to do with food.

      3.    Work on your thoughts. How you speak to yourself is so important. If you wouldn’t  say it to your best friend, why would you say it to yourself?   

      4.   Eat food you actually love and that feels good to your body.  

       5.  Try some new forms of physical activity. Don’t torture yourself on the treadmill if you don’t love running!

Long lasting weight loss comes from loving ourselves unapologetically.

Say sayonara to the apple cider vinegar and amp up the pleasure in your life.  

Does this sound like love to you? Would you like a taste of weight loss coaching with me? If yes, I encourage you to consider enrolling in my program “Not Your Sister’s Diet” or sign up for weight loss coaching.

Weight loss is possible without beating yourself up at the gym (unless you love it).

I’m not going to let you give up on yourself. Not this time.