Decide to Feel


How do you want to feel today? This week?

Really think about it.

You create how you feel by what you think. Yeah, that’s right. You are in control of how you feel.

Good news, right?

So, how do you want to feel?

What would feel amazing?

Smart. Productive. Beautiful. Sensuous. Successful. Healed. Sexy. Strong. Playful. Quiet. Creative. Brilliant. Enjoyed. Adventurous. Loving. Generous. Philanthropic. Powerful. Influential. Organized. Resourceful. Kind. Consistent. Spiritual. Connected.

Pick three.

Write them down on a sticky note, and place them on your computer screen, in your day planner and anywhere you will see them often.

For each feeling, consider these things:

What must you think to feel this way?

What actions would you take if you felt this way?

Now, go ahead and...

Think these thoughts. Feel these feelings. Act.

Do the work.

Set your intention to feel how you want to feel.

Rinse and Repeat.