Do You Still Want That?


Sometimes we stick with the same people because they’re comfortable, easy; we don’t have to think. We cling to furniture, hairstyles, nail polish color, 10 year old weekend routines. We hold on to the same dreams, goals, ideas ‘cause we once said we were all in. We were going to achieve them; we told everyone. But there they hang in the ethers, in an old journal, in the back of our heads, in the back of someone else’s head. “Are you still going to do that?” your best friend may ask. You say: “Yes, yes of course I still want to.”

I still want to dye my hair pink and be the lead singer in an all-girl band.

I still want to drive cross-country in my Jeep, sleep under the stars, forage for food just like the pioneers.

I still want to go to that nudist yoga retreat. Yeah, of course I still want to do that.

I still want to open that vegan ice cream store.

I still want to get married, have 5 kids and live in the suburbs.

Do you really?

Guess what? You don’t have to. It’s okay to update your dreams, your goals, your mind on a regular basis. In fact, it’s crucial as you continue to grow and create the life of your dreams (as long as you aren’t 86’ing a dream out of fear of not being able to attain it… if that’s why you’re crossing it off your list, I would highly suggest you keep it ‘cause often those things we are fearful of doing are the very thing that we need to do to take us to the next level.)

Recently, I was going through some old notebooks and came across some different lists of dreams I once wanted to come true, goals I wanted to achieve and things I wanted to do. I noticed a few goals that still lit me up but some of them felt dead in the water. My old list of “20 things I love to do” still consists of things I love. It makes me smile, but I want to do more than smile: I want to soar.

I love to build fires, light candles, take baths. I love to ride my bike, run on my treadmill, read non-fiction.   I noticed how many of these I’m now doing on a daily basis, but it’s time to update my lists, time to make bigger goals. Time to upgrade, up-lift, upscale. How about you?

You don’t have to want what you wanted. You just don’t.

I’d love to hear about one dream you are letting go and a new dream you’re upgrading to in the comments below. xo