It Doesn't Have to Be Inevitable


A few weeks ago at the food pantry I was assisting a client and talking about the  upcoming birth of her first child. She told me that she was the 4th of 5 girls in her family and the only one who had not gotten pregnant in her teens. She was 25 and she was proud that she was going to be the example for her child and her nieces and nephews.  She was very open, and very sure that she was breaking the family’s almost expectancy that the girls would have babies when they were still babies themselves. Difference maker…boom.

Is there anything in your life that you accept as inevitable because it’s in your family lineage?  Health issues, lifestyle choices, behaviors, addictions?

For example, I recently started coaching a new client for weight loss and in our first conversation she referred to her being obese as inevitable. “I don’t even know why I try to lose weight. My mom is obese, my sister is obese and so is my grandmother on my dad’s side. “

She sounded so matter of fact, as if it was some sort of divine prophecy that she was going to be obese, like she didn’t have a choice. I smiled at her and said: “Guess what, you can be the one who changes your family line. You can lose the weight, and develop a healthy lifestyle so that your children and your nieces and nephews and their children won’t look at obesity as a family curse.”

She was quiet.

“And the good news is that deep down, I know you know that. Why else would you have called me?” I’m hopeful that I can help her be a difference maker.

Let today be the day that you look back on years from now, where you made the commitment to yourself and took the first step to change what seemed inevitable.

Just because it’s always been doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever.

Don’t blame your:

Family lineage






Whatever excuse you are using to limit yourself, limit your future, take a look at it; you can stop it. The buck can stop with you.

Maybe your “It’s always been this way…” is more akin to a bad habit.

Whenever you hear yourself say “I always” or “we always,” stop and ask yourself if the next phrase is helping you to achieve your goals. If not, why are you doing this? What positive are you getting from this?

Do you need to do something different?

Guess what? You can. Just take one step today, one step to end the addiction. Take one step to reduce your chance of developing a health problem. Whatever it is for you.

You can often stop the “inevitable,” and if you need help, I can show you how. xo