Make This Be Your Moment


I have a confession to make. It’s not very pretty and it’s not very life coach-esque, but here it goes: I used to secretly loathe stories of other people’s “ah-ha” moments. There, I said it. Not kidding, not lying, not making this stuff up. When I read about people who claimed there was a moment in time where everything changed for them, I wanted to scream. Their moment, so pivotal that the sky opened up, the angels sang and suddenly everything became clear and then they were an overnight success…well, maybe not that, but you know what I’m talking about.   I used to wonder if I was ever going to have my own ah-ha moment, my own…

“Light Bulb Moment”



Moment of Shouting: “Eureka!”

I never once heard God speak to me like in the movie “EAT PRAY LOVE”. I really wanted that and I thought: “Where is my moment?”

Did I miss it?

Was I not a chosen one?

Will I ever have one?

I couldn’t possibly succeed without one…right?


One day I realized how much time I had wasted waiting.

Waiting for what?

Waiting for one single blazing sign from the universe to tell me to finally lose weight and keep it off.

To become a life coach with a wait list.

To decide to end relationships which were no longer working.

Truth is, if you are waiting for a sign, you can make this be your ah-ha moment. If there is something you want, make this be the moment you look back on. The moment that started it all.

Today can be the start of your healthy lifestyle.

Today you will start making real plans to move to your dream city.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve started before.

Want to lose weight? Decide today. When you reach for that quart of ice cream tonight, say no: “This is my ah-ha moment, I’m saying no to that ice cream and yes to that apple. Today, right now, is where it’s all going to change for me.”

Do you have an idea for a business that just won’t let go, that you think about all of the time? Yeah, that idea. Today when it enters your mind as you’re entering data into your computer at the job you hate, just stop. Commit to yourself today that you will take the first baby step,  to start that business. Let that lousy data entry be your epiphany, your moment when everything changes. Your moment that you will look back on later and recall how it changed everything for you.

Now I know that my ah-ha moment can be any moment I choose.

Any moment you choose.

Is this your moment? xo