My Stop Doing List


I love lists.

One of my favorite things to do is make huge to do lists and cross things off each day. The size of the list doesn’t intimidate me; I don’t get anxious, I love a lot of things to do.

At first, the idea of a “stop-doing list” was alien to me.

“What? Stop doing?”

“Why would I stop doing things?”

It wasn’t until I started living intentionally that the idea of a stop-doing list took root. When I really started thinking about how I was spending my time and what I actually wanted to be doing, I made my first stop-doing list. When I was doing something I really didn’t want to do I started realizing that I wasn’t going to get that time back. Not ever.

So now, my stop-doing list is right there with my to-do list.

My first stop-doing list looked something like this…

Doing every chore around the house
Saying yes to every request of my time
Allowing the channel to be changed when I was really interested in what I was watching
Finishing a book that wasn’t good
Rushing to get home all of the time
Denying myself things I wanted

My current list:

Giving into resistance
Buying books I’m never going to read
Checking my phone 100 times a day
Saying the word “just” (here’s why)
Eating when I’m not hungry
Absorbing other people’s feelings

What would you like to stop doing? Look at what you do on a daily basis and ask yourself if it is really how you want to spend your time. If you feel like you’re being made to do it, if you aren’t deeply passionate about it and if it isn’t going to propel you in the direction of your dreams then by all means stop doing it.

The goal is to move forward, intentionally living the life you want.

What’s on your stop-doing list? Please tell me in the comments or post them on my Facebook page. xo