One Tip to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick!


A big wish I have for myself and you is that our New Year's resolutions don’t look the same next year.  

Yep, that’s my big wish and I have one tip to help make that wish come true! If we all apply it to every resolution, every goal, every big idea, we will be well on our way to making our goals and my big wish come true!

Here it is: "Know your WHY!" 


That’s right, for every goal and every resolution--you need to have a WHY.  A compelling WHY.


Why do you want to lose that weight?


Why do you want to meet your soul mate?


Why do you want to save money?


Why do you want buy a new house?


Figure it out, write it down and post it where you can see it every day. I promise, knowing your WHY makes a big difference, let me tell you a story:

So, those of you who follow me on social media know that I am a philanthropist and that I am heavily involved with a local food pantry; ending hunger in my community is a passion of mine. I volunteered weekly for a couple of years at the pantry and knew a lot of the clients by name and I knew their stories, their struggles and what they were hoping for.

I was the chair of the annual fundraiser in 2016 and, may I say, I slayed in this role. They asked and I agreed to chair it again in 2017 but, that was several months ago and I’ve started to feel a little, well….uninterested, dare I say apathetic…..Gasp…..Ugh….. how can this be???

Simple, it didn’t take long, I figured my apathy out, I haven’t been volunteering, I got super busy, I’ve forgotten my “WHY.”

Back to the pantry I go.  I must slay.

Come on. You don’t want to let me down, more importantly you don’t want to let yourself down, not this time, not this year. Know WHY you want it and slay.

Slay on, my friends.