The Case for an Unbalanced Life


A couple of years ago I coached a young male client who came to me with a relationship issue that he blamed on his lack of work/life balance.

“I am trying to spend more time at home,” he said. “I know I should spend less time working and more time with my partner.”

He beat himself up on daily basis, feeling guilty that he enjoyed his career.

He expected me to tell him how to budget his time better, how to build a better, more fulfilling relationship with his partner. But that’s not what I did.

“Look, I don’t think you want to spend more time at home. I think you’d live all day and night at the theater if you gave yourself permission, tell me where I’m wrong?”

He thought for a moment and his eyes welled up with tears. I continued, “Give yourself permission to follow your passion. Be grateful you have it. So many people would kill to uncover what lights them up like the theater lights you up. If it’s a struggle to spend more time at home then maybe it’s not home.”

A couple of months ago I ran into this client at his theater. He gave me a big hug and said: “Thank you, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and our conversation. I made the best decisions of my life after we met that day. “

Love that, unbalance.

Life balance. Fat-free cookies. Sensible shoes.
Life balance. The term screams mediocrity.

People think that life balance is the answer to stress. I’ll tell you a secret: it’s not. Passion is.

“If consensus is overrated, I think balance is, too. I have no interest in living a balanced life. I want a life of adventure.”
-Chris Guillebeau, Blogger and Author of “The Art of Non-Conformity”

If you have uncovered a passion, let it consume you. Don’t limit yourself.

Obviously, I highly recommend that you take care of yourself with adequate food, water and exercise and that you care for your children (if have them). But, if you love your work then work when you want. Don’t say “Okay I need to do this today ‘cause if I did what I loved, I wouldn’t be balanced.” No. Fill your life with so many things you love and do them. Follow your passion, let your children see you doing what you love, how it puts a sparkle in your eye, how you forget about time while you’re doing it.

Fill your life with what you love to do, and whom you love to do it with. Let go of everything else.

Unbalanced. xo