What Are You Letting In?


“I can’t lose weight. My relationship is virtually over. I hate my job. Fix me, life coach!” said my friend, as we sat down for a long overdue cup of coffee.

I laughed, knowing this comment was said tongue-and-cheek. My friend wasn’t trying to challenge me, but she was inferring that her problems were big—really big—and possibly too big to be coached out of. And yes, we couldn’t solve everything over this one cup of coffee, but I was determined to give her some relief.  

“What are you watching on TV right now?” I asked.

She looked at me kind of confused. “I just told you my life is falling apart and you want to know what TV shows I’m into right now?”   

I did.

See, our life circumstances are directly correlated to what we are letting into our minds. What you watch, what you read and who you hang out with is directly related to the results you are getting.

If you want to improve your life, then improve the things you are allowing into your conscious world.  

Less crime shows. More documentaries on topics you love.  

Less mysteries. More biographies about women who have made a difference.

Clean up the blogs that you follow, the news you choose to watch, the radio stations you listen to, the magazines you subscribe to and even the people you hang out with. Because if all your girlfriends do is complain about their relationships, marriages, lackluster jobs and hate on their bodies, it’s time to find some new friends.

What are you letting in?

Changing the channel could be the first step to getting the results you want in your life.