What is most personal is most common


Does this sound like your life?

  • Your cat keeps peeing on your furniture.
  • Your dog ate a hole in your new sofa.
  • You are pretty sure you are the only one whose husband refuses to take the decorative pillows off the bed and sleeps on them instead.
  • You’ve got that certain relative whose picture could be beside the definition of certifiable in the dictionary.

Yes? Me too! I used to think  “Ugh. Why is this happening to me ?”

I was sure I was all alone in the annoying and sometimes disgusting things that happen with a houseful of animals, kids and a significant other but nope, see I heard something a few years ago that changed everything for me…

“What is most personal is most common.” 

Bam, light bulb moment.

See the truth is that most of the stuff that happens to you is happening to everyone. The things that make us feel the most vulnerable and annoyed are actually very common and what I’ve learned is the way to more fulfilling friendships is to let people in and share the good, the bad and the annoying.  

  1. Cats pee.
  2. Dogs chew.
  3. Some relatives are certifiable.   

Now you can choose to remain quiet about the things which make you feel, well, awkward and weird or you can choose to show up authentic and transparent. If you show up as a hot mess all the better cause honey, you will be doing the world a world of good and all of the other hot messes will thank you for it.