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I’m not saying that keeping up with GAGA on Instagram is a bad thing, but with Coach in My Pocket you can turn your phone into an agent of change. Over the course of one month, I’ll text you daily thought exercises, inspirational messages, self-actualizing worksheets and personal tips—all from me—your coach. 

That’s right, I said text. To enroll in the program, all I need is your cell phone number and email.




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Don't just take my word for it.


Take theirs. these women were born brave.


Susan Hyatt

"Coach in My Pocket is exactly what I've been looking for! The daily reminders and bursts of inspiration keep me motivated and feeling like a BOSS! You need this in your life."



Christina Frost

I subscribed to the month of Coach in My Pocket, and LOVED it!  I looked forward to that message in the morning, and would reflect upon it in the evening. 

Nicki Grohovsky

Robin hit the nail on the head with this. It is the perfect way to get motivated and inspired each morning. Robin never fails to provide a little something; an inspirational quote, a provocative question or just a few words to make you stop and think.


Rachel Kerr

I love Coach in My Pocket for so many reasons! Who doesn't want a little bit of daily inspiration and guidance? These simple texts can turn your entire day around. I'd highly suggest everyone have a coach in their pocket.

Nancy Fisher

I love Robin's Coach in My Pocket! The daily text messages that I get make me HAPPY and put a smile on my face every morning!