Not Your

Sister’s Diet 

Let me guess, you’ve run out of fingers to count how many diets you’ve been on over the years and now you’re counting toes. No more yo-yo diets and no more “cleanses.” It’s time to tackle the F-word. I mean Food.

Is food taking the place of your happiness?

Start living a lifestyle created for you by you. Not Your Sister's Diet will give you the tools, tips, and the push you need to love your body and, more importantly, yourself unconditionally.

How it Works

Each week you will receive a module consisting of a short video or audio file, work sheets and resources to dig further into the information at hand. Plus a new challenge each week to upgrade your life right now.

Not Your Sister’s Diet covers:

  • Tools to quiet your inner mean girl and learn to talk to yourself like you would your best friend
  • Tips for choosing fuel food
  • Ideas for adding more joy to your life
  • Weight loss tips and tools to end the struggle for good
  • Introductions into different lifestyles you can use to create your own lifestyle plan
  • Learn how to make my delicious breakfast salad (yes that’s right breakfast salad!)
  • Create your own recipe for spa water
  • Design your own morning ritual



(Because you shouldn’t have to take a loan to get better mentally and physically.) I've made this program pay-what-you-can. You decide $15, $25 0r $50. Select your price and start having a different relationship with food and your body.    

Not Your Sister's Diet
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