Give Your Scale

the Middle Finger.

Spoiler Alert: Losing weight isn’t about the food. It’s about your relationship with it. When the things you want to do—go dancing, buy that slinky I-feel-sexy-as-hell dress, actually enjoy that beach vacation, ask that certain someone out—are built on the pass/fail of weighing yourself, you’ve become prisoner to the scale. And trust me, the torture is never-ending.

The truth is your beautiful just as you are.  Whatever size or shape you are you don’t need changing unless you are letting your weight stop you from experiencing the life you deserve.

If you’re here I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of different things, diets, cleanses, boot camps to name a few.  But you won’t find those things here.

The question is: Do you have it in you to believe you can lose the weight one more time?

Coaching with me is never a one size fits all experience. However, there is one common thread, together we figure out why you are over eating in the first place.   Resolve the emotions and bingo, lives change.  

Let’s bring back the joy in your life. Joy that isn’t centered around a 2-pound bag of chocolate chips (I speak from experience). Joy that comes from living a life on purpose. A life that lights you up and food is only part of the experience.


My program




  • Six 60-minute phone coaching sessions (2 a month). If you live in my area we can arrange to meet at The Skin Spa of Powell, 15 South Liberty St., Powell or at a local coffee shop.

  • Me in your inbox and texts to your phone in between our sessions. I'll be super high-touch to make sure you are taking the action you need to create the life you want.

  • An invitation to email me, text me, PM me anytime with questions or when you just need a little extra support.

  • Resources, ideas and surprises (I love surprises!)

I won’t let you give up on yourself. Not this time.



In my weight-loss program, you’ll learn to love yourself before you love the scale. 

Weight-Loss Coaching - 6 Coaching Sessions
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Weight-Loss Coaching - 9 Coaching Sessions
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coaching cred:

  • Life Coach Training and Certification from Martha Beck
  • Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Trained with Master Coach Brooke Castillo for Weight Loss Coaching