You are not too old.
It is not too late.

Do you have journals filled with dreams & goals that you aren’t taking action on?

  • Have you bought countless self-help books, online courses & e-books to help get you started but still you’re sitting on the proverbial sidelines?

  • Are you always cheering others on but, can’t seem to encourage yourself in the same way?

  • Are you bursting inside with things you want to do but are afraid to try?

  • Are you on the cusp of starting that side hustle?

  • Dreaming of birthing that non-for profit?

  • Dying to lose that weight, for good this time?

Sounds like you are a woman on the VERGE.
I know.

I spent years on the VERGE of creating what I wanted.  


I had so many goals and dreams.

But, I was afraid to even get started.  I listened to my own self doubt and talked myself out of action every single day.

I was really good at helping others take action, supporting my family and friends, but when it came to me crickets.

That was then and now it’s my mission to help women take action and create the lives they want.I’ve figured out a system to motivate myself to take action and create anything I want and I can teach you how too.


You don’t have to get it perfect.  You just have to get it going.

In my program you will learn how to….

  • Overcome your own self doubt.

  • Get control of your primitive brain and use your pre frontal cortex.

  • Transform your thinking and understand why you were stuck to begin with.

  • Create a compelling reason why.

  • Learn how to believe hard.

  • Learn how to create emotions that help you take action.

  • And so much more.


The world is waiting for what only you have to offer.

Sign up today for a free mini-session to see if my coaching program is right for you.
We will chat about your goals and I will give you more details about my program.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve stopped and started a thousand times before you must begin again and I can show you how.


Here’s what some of my clients say …….



Working with Robin has been incredible.  I have been “on the Verge” of opening Sports Optic for 5 years.   Her coaching has helped me identify why I was reluctant to move forward.  I have identified several large mental roadblocks and worked through them so that my dreams of helping people through this program can be achieved.  The biggest surprise to me was realizing that I do have time for another business. After implementing some self care and managing my schedule better, I am excited to say that I am ready for our grand opening.

Thank you Robin!  You are an amazing person and coach.



Jackie M.:

The overall  life coaching experience uncovered a great deal of self-doubt and newfound awareness of how this was limiitng my forward progress.  Working with Robin in the Verge program increased my confidence to make some tough personal decisions and work through a challenging professional venture on my own. Robin opened me up to a mindset of abundance--to a world of more opportunity and more potential than I had ever believed or imagined I was capable of or deserve.


Lyndsey E.:

I had the pleasure of being a part of Robin’s Verge Coaching Program. We worked together for about three months and had 6 sessions. Working with Robin for this amount of time was life changing. Coming into an unknown in my life, being laid off from my stable job, I came to her seeking help in building the next chapter in my career and a business idea I didn’t know how to bring to fruition. What I didn’t expect is that I needed guidance in my personal life, as well. Every session that we had was therapeutic, professional, and eye opening. I had to work at it everyday to see the results and improvements that we set into play from my Compelling Reason Why to my core values to my non negotiables that all came together to present me with my picture of a perfect life. The homework that Robin assigned during each session was relevant and kept pushing me further to get me to a place I needed to be and feel confident in my own abilities that my business idea was valid.  Robin has a gift to closely listen to everything you tell her and the ability to tap into your inner thoughts to formulate the root cause of what is truly going on and suggest ways to work through the challenges you are presenting yourself. I cannot completely put into words on this review how appreciative I am for Robin taking a chance on me and helping to support my business goals and aspirations, but know that she can help guide you in the right direction as she did for me. She provided me with her knowledge and skills and went above and beyond my expectation because she believed in me when I sort of did not. 

I highly recommend Robin as a life and career coach and her Verge Coaching Program. In our brief time together, she provided me exception value in her ability and knowledge to help me grow, change, and see something in myself that I needed to; belief. I can also say that my business is slowly growing as I continue to reach the goals we set. 


Laura N.:

When I began coaching with Robin, I thought the best-case scenario would be to get my project completed. But I got so much more! Robin’s insightful questioning and the brilliant exercises she took me through helped me see how my perfectionism was keeping me stuck. Now I’m able to catch my all or nothing thinking quickly and reframe my thoughts so they serve me so much better. I’m getting more accomplished now than I have ever been able to accomplish in my life! And that is a direct result of the process Robin taught me. She is fun, compassionate, motivating and inspiring! Coaching with Robin will give you so much more than one finished project; it will change your life!


Becky M.:

I took a year and a half off when my daughter was born. When I decided to return to the workforce I felt stuck in a rut and I was nervous about returning after an extended period of time away. I contemplated hiring a life coach for months to help me transition back and that’s how I found Robin. She is amazing!! I wanted clarity, especially in defining my work goals and how my work relates to my personal brand and life’s purpose. She was encouraging and offered me a different perspective and tactics to break through barriers that were keeping me away from my ultimate success. I love how she was able to breakdown important action items into manageable tasks to overcome difficult situations and create the positive changes in my life that I envisioned for myself. I’m forever grateful. I highly recommend her if you are seeking to make positive changes in your life. I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner! She will be your biggest cheerleader to get you believing in yourself because YOU CAN DO IT!