About Me

I’ve always been a

bit of an enthusiastic



A controlled explosion of je ne sais quoi mixed with confidence that only the most badass pair of boots can bring. But even Nancy Sinatra can’t turn your boots that are made for walking into boots that will walk you down your intended path.   

Because the funny thing about paths is that one second they are as easy to spot as the SALE sign at Kate Spade and other times they disappear like they were never there—leaving you lost.

Me? My path was set and so off I went. I was a woman in pursuit of her dreams. 

But then life began to happen and that path—well—it started to get overgrown and hard to see because I quit following my goals and desires.

Raise a hand if this story rings a bell: I got married and had 4 fabulous children that I fell hard for. I paid more attention to my children, husband, neighbors and pets than I paid to myself (does that sound familiar?) and I got a little lost.

I was less firecracker and more sparkler dud. I hung up my badass boots to become a sweatpants warrior. That’s what happens when you’re too busy giving all of yourself to everyone else, there’s nothing left over for you. What’s worse, I didn’t even realize anything was missing for a very long time.  


Can I get a

preach it, sister?!


One serendipitous day I discovered Martha Beck (yeah, you know, Oprah's life coach) and her Life Coaching Institute and something inside of me said to say yes to this and I’m so glad I did. I used the tools I learned in her coaching program to coach myself into a life I’m excited to wake up for. I regained control of my mind and body—and in doing so—became comfortable and confident in my own skin. 

This is the work I was destined for. I now coach women to regain their power and love their lives after having felt marginalized by their marriage, their position in life, their definition of what their body should be and women who have let their thoughts and fears hold them back from the life they crave.    

Maybe you are currently one of these women.

The point is, whoever you are, however you’ve arrived here and whatever your next move may be, I’m awfully glad you’re here. 

So here we are: you and I, hand-in-hand, confidently inching toward that terrifying edge of self-discovery and we jump, with an emphatic cannonball, into the unknown.



Coaching Credits:

  • Life Coach Training and Certification from Martha Beck
  • Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Trained with Master Coach Brooke Castillo for Weight Loss Coaching

About Robin

Robin McAllister-Zaas received her Life Coach Training and Certification from Martha Beck, earned her Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and trained with Master Coach Brooke Castillo for Weight Loss Coaching. Robin works with men and women throughout central Ohio and also offers over-the-phone coaching for individuals all around the country who are ready to make a change in their lives.