Coaching for Women

Born Brave.

The truth is it’s up to you.   

But, guess what, you’re in luck, one of my super powers is to help women uncover what they want, why they want it and support them as they take the action to go get it.  

You and me, we’ll create a red carpet roadmap that has you moving boldly in the direction of your dreams. Let’s make your life as mind-blowingly fabulous as you want. 

 I got you. 




You deserve it. How about this: You’re worth it. That’s right, you deserve a life you don’t need to take a vacation from, a relationship that lights you up, friends that inspire you and adventure in whatever shape that looks for you. 

My guess is though, if you’re here, you  aren’t feeling so worthy. You might not really know what you want or you may know but you haven’t take any action. You feel stuck. Right?

Oh darling, you’ve come to the right place.

Changing your life requires one thing: action. That’s it, sounds so easy but it is in fact so hard for so many.  I should know, I spent years waiting for other people to make my dreams come true. Does that sound like you? Who are you waiting for to change your life?

My program





What you get when you work with me:

Six 60-minute phone coaching sessions ( 2 a month) If you live in my area we can arrange to meet at
The Skin Spa of Powell, 15 South Liberty St., Powell or at a local coffee shop.

Me in your inbox and texts to your phone in between our sessions.  
All Up in your grill to make sure you are taking the action you need to create the life you want.

An invitation to email me, text me, PM me anytime with questions or when you just need a little extra support.


Test-Drive Coaching

Ever wish you could test-drive your life coach before you signed up? Yeah, we thought it was weird that the industry was built on committing to a coach based upon a few well-lit mug shots. So take me for a spin. You get a one-time 15-minute free session to connect, ask questions and begin our journey—whether it’s on the phone, via Skype or in-person. 



Life Coaching - 6 Coaching Sessions
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Life Coaching - 9 Coaching Sessions
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All-Day Epic Coaching Session
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coaching credits:

  • Life Coach Training and Certification from Martha Beck
  • Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Trained with Master Coach Brooke Castillo for Weight Loss Coaching

Become a better, happier and braver you in 30 days with my free Coach in My Pocket program.
30 days. 30 texts. 30 chances to be the person you want.
Your phone number is all it takes.