Enjoy the Journey or What's the Point?



Last spring and early summer I was knee-deep in producing a fundraising event for a local food pantry. One day in the midst of all the organizing I had a lunch date with a dear friend who said to me,

“Won’t it be great when you have time to breathe again, when you get your life back?”  


Was I acting grumpy?  

Was I putting off energy that I wasn’t enjoying that moment that day? Get my life back?  

The answer was, "No." I wanted my life to be different after the event, full of new opportunities and new ideas.   

I wanted to be different full of added confidence with a job well done. Listen up, here's this week's mic drop moment: Cause the fact of the matter is

The destinations, the goals realized are the cherries on top of how you’ve been living. Stop only focusing on where you're going and start enjoying the journey.

The training, the writing, the planning, the nurturing is not preparation for tomorrow, it’s your life today. The life you are choosing. If you aren’t loving what it feels like between now and your ultimate destination then maybe it’s time to change course. 



Be the map. Uncover a new desire.

Because in-between the dream and the dream realized is this moment right now.